Eti Food Kama Hii Ksh 490? Is It Worth It?

[SIZE=5]2 Pcs Chicken on Bone, 2 Wings & Regular Chips (1 Handful of Fries) [/SIZE]


Heri nienede Bama nile Nyama ya Ksh 250 na Ugali. Something like


Hiyo si bei ya mwera??

Ukifanya hizo hesabu mblo utakuwa unashida na vitu mingi saana… hio base ya 490 wanacharge for ambience pia… barma unakula nyama unapata panya imepita na kaugali ukizubaa.

I think they deliver the chicken to your doorstep. If you go to Burma, assuming you are in CBD, you will end up spending the same amount, but even worse for Burma you will not only lose time, you will be exposed to other risks like mugging, Cholera and Covid 19.
Order the Shicken mdau.

Lanes lanes lanes


Hakuna mugging Burma, hio ni suicide mission for any thief. Utapata team building ngori sana

Very true. Those rats are actually territorial.
Kila panyaste iko na base yake. Hakuna kudadia mkahawa ya ingine.

Unasema nini wewe kijana?
I was mugged in the year 2012. In broad daylight hapo karibu na foot bridge.

Oh rly

Stick to your lane.

io ndio cost ya kuwa middle class kenya.

Once in a while ni vizuri kujitreat in Nice hotels.

The key word is KUJITREAT!!! Si kuenda hapo na 40 bob and expecting a another nigga to foot all the bills.

That is a $5 meal in USA or EU fastfood restaurant but is not worth it in Africa.

I’d rather go for something else than eat that deep fried crappy chicken.

That is not food, it’s frankenstein!

GMO chicken , GMO potatoes, no vegetables = kes 490/= + risk of being obese , high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer

Bama, well balanced meal @ 250/= , no GMO , very little risk for life style diseases

chaguo ni lako

8 years ago?


Peasant in Chief

On point! TBH these fast food meals are meant for shudren and not every so often. The Drs warn us about the dangers of these meals all the time. The portion of the chips is a real insult.