Ethnic Somalis Will Own Kenya By 2040

Somalis have a plan to control Kenya.

They have their own, policing system, court system and punishment system, financial system etc._

Sounds crazy right

Plan 1. Populate the country

Plan 2. Control all the supply chains in every major towns and market place.

3. Have influence in all local and national politics by sponsoring politicians.

4. control import chains and Foreign currency exchange and reserves.

*All these are being actuated all across Kenya brick aby brick.

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are they not citizens just like the rest of kenyans? shouldn’t their hard work bear a reward? you want to own kenya by 2040, yet you won’t have those systems you’ve mentioned there like the somali’s, are you not daydreaming?

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Why Ethnic Somalis? Kwani there are Somalis and then ethnic Somalis?

Warieh ni paper tiger. In Djibouti and Somalia umeona any serious threat. Capital from diaspora and ASAL counties zisikushtue sana. If they were as competent as you claim we would have seen it a long time ago.


Totally right China man

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I noticed they have entered the bookshop biz, around odeon hapo savanis and Tbc wameshika shops kadhaa za wahindi and they are cheaper than the rest.

By 2050, the population ratio will be 1:1 and we know who are courageous between the two.

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  1. Bribe their way into strategic GOK positions e.g Defence SC NIS director etc

While Nabii is not perfect, Tinga/Rao aka @anon46421834 pia ni ghasia ya mtu. During his campaigns, Kuna time he had traded Mombasa to be a Caliphate, to be ruled under Sharia law and any people getting in or getting out were to use a kipande system. Good thing he lost. We’ve come close to the edge a couple of times as a country.


It’s true but many things can happen along the way which you haven’t accounted for.

For example,the structures you talk of are either traditional or religious.We have seen some of those migrating to western countries chosing a secular lifestyle.The same might happen here.

Christianity will penetrate,I doubt a whole community in a secular state will not consider other ideas

There is a possibility Kismayu port is used to smuggle in cheap imports,what happens when Kenya effectively controls her border with somalia?Somalia becomes stable and wants to earn from that port?Those goods will become expensive.

They should take that effort back to their worn torn country and build it.

Bora mimi nikona pesa hii story hainishtui

What is the problem?

True. Some of us bolted before the skinnies took over. Those guys are very smart - go to a very stable country with working economic systems and then take over.

Ever wonder why they just don’t build Zoomalia? All they do is go to better countries and clandestinely stage an economic coup. They learned from their brothers (Indians and Arabs). All these groups can’t build. They just know how to dandia an already moving matatu.

Sawa basi. We accept our zoomalia overlords