Ethiopians are not Africans


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I think it’s that one where an ethiopian came to USA for debate(high school) and he mentioned that ethiopians aren’t Africans. They are more closer to whites than Africans. Very humiliating debate

Societies that excel and transform are those that value their language, religion, culture and heritage.

Those who feel inferior remain inferior.

we bonobos are really funny while we are fighting with inferiority complex others are trying as much to not be called black. while in real sense a muzungu will have a hard time diffrentiating between such Ethiopians and an average african.

and of course Ethiopians are africans otherwise they should be living somewhere in Europe or anywhere else of their wish

The can urgue that they are not negroes but saying that they are not africans is idiotic.

i remember an ethiopian guy in the heat of an argument telling a Gambian that « i am not as black as you» l will never forget how the rest of the Norwegian students reacted. Their smiles spoke volumes.

These takataka Ethiopian and Somali bonobos should move out of Africa if they think they are whites

Were they “yes we agree” smiles or “you’re still a nigger though” smiles?

Some psychology here.
From the top.
In this world there has been 2 people at the opposite ends of the spectrum. Black people and white people. Due to the greed and wickedness, the white people have stolen resources from Africans, plundered the African nations (customs & religions) and killed many Africans. It’s just what the Bible says. The devil comes to steal, kill and plunder.
So the white man has done these things and has managed to become fabulously wealthy. And after being wealthy for so long (over 150 years) it is natural for some of the conquered people want to be like the conquerer and put a distance between themselves and the conquered. The light skinned Africans such as Ethiopians and Somalis and Arabs do everything they can to associate with whiteness. In Asia Indians and Pakistanis also do it. Now with skin bleaching creams even Sub Saharan Africans are attempting to escape their Africanness.
And the poorer the country with brown people the bigger the desperation to be seen as not African.

We’re fucked up bigtime by racism/caste-ism/tribalism . You know Somalis/habeshas consider all Ethiopians, Somali-Bantus and all Subbies e.t.c as jaareer/*jareer" ( literally means NIGGER)
Hata ule bingwa might be a Somali Bantu …hated by his own, for being black thus projecting the same hate to other ‘blacks’/subbies .
The other race with such tendencies are wahindi . A Patel/shah hates black Indians more than real niggers.

Anyhow for racism to win. Caste/Tribe- aka skin color has to come into play

Indians literally bath in cow sshit and urine to escape their ‘blackness’ [ATTACH=full]372755[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]372756[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]372757[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]372758[/ATTACH]


Yes no one wants to associate with a losing team.Its human nature.

Damn I’d rather remain black as charcoal.