Ethiopian palace lions met Netanyahu..

Hi All,

As I have been sharing some interesting clips for the last few weeks, I got one now. In his Ethiopian keg visit Netanyahu has met the literal lion of Judah… Regrettably, they did not maul him… :slight_smile:

Hii Dunia ina mambo. Ogopa walami bana. True gangsters.

Google translate didn’t help…could you please tell me what you said in English?

history repeating itself

those are lions of juddah

This world has a lot of wonders. Be wary of the white man. True gangsters

Thank you, man.

I gotta learn Kiswahili…

In the mean time, it wouldn’t hurt to ask for translations

If you ever want something to be translated for you in Amharic or Tigrigna, I am your guy…;):slight_smile:

@Jazzman chungana na huyu mujamaa wa closet. Usiseme haukuambiwa