Ethiopian Maid Critically Wounds Pregnant Woman, Kills Unborn Child

by Naharnet Newsdesk 1 day

An Ethiopian domestic worker on Tuesday stabbed her pregnant 27-year-old employer Isaaf Khashfeh in the Chouf town of Barja, leaving her critically wounded and killing her unborn child.

The maid dealt Isaaf several stabs before stabbing herself and trying to jump off the balcony, the National News Agency said.

At that moment town residents rushed to the house to find the pregnant employer soaked in her own blood, reports said. They eventually captured the wounded maid and handed her over to security forces as Isaaf was rushed to the Sibline Hospital in critical condition.

Reports said the maid had sent an SMS to a relative in Ethiopia informing them of her intentions.

0anonymoustexasusa 1 day
It might not be related to this case.
But if a maid gets treated in a barbaric way day after day after day - then it is bound that they will snap at a certain point and think that her only way out from the misery she is living in is to kill her jailer and kill herself too.

30anonymoustexasusa 1 day
Few points as to how some Lebanese common practices are actually barbaric enslavement.

  • Holding her hostage by taking her passport and not letting her chose to change employer if she doesn’t like her employer.
  • Making her work from 6 AM to 10 PM - with absolutely No time off - and certainly no day off.
  • Locking the maids at home - whenever the family goes out. people rarely take their maids out on a day out, or lunch, dinner out. and forbid the maid from going out by herself.
  • Not paying the maid. She works from dawn till dusk yet at the end of the month - her employers come up with excuses month after month for not paying her.
  • Beating her, and abusing her. If she refuses to work as long as her employers want her to work, the way they want or because she is not getting paid - she gets beaten and abused against her will.
    This is just a short list of rampant maid abuses in Lebanon.

30anonymoustexasusa 1 day
The worst part is - when you point out to Lebanese employers that practice some of the above practices, that they are barbaric abuses, their immediate response is often “what are you talking about, what abuses! She should count her blessing that we are employing her, do you know how much low pay she would get back in her home country, assumimg if she can find a job. We are doing her a big favor- giving her a half a room to live with a bed instead of a hut, and earning 4 times what she would get back in her home country.”

solution.finder 21 hours
what lowlife scumbag! your posts have partisan undertones while you have no data related to what actually happened :slight_smile:

Elemental 13 hours
Again with the fake accounts and provocations movaten? Man up.

gigahabib 1 day
At least this story will be very hard for the usual lot to make sectarian.

galaxy 1 day
what lowlife scumbag !

gigahabib 1 day
Wow, you managed to make a comment without sectarian slurs! Bravo. Next step in improving your life, kill yourself.

justin 19 hours
gigahabib is solution.finder a new poster or one of the 2 or 3 of you?

liberty 1 day

your comment in itself has sectarian undertones not unusual for a smart aleck devil worshiper.

gigahabib 1 day
Lol, please show us what’s sectarian in the comment.

solution.finder 21 hours
giga, you’re guilty of micro-aggressing the sahyooni snowflake who goes by the name liberty.

problem.solver 21 hours
well said ya 3arsa well said. Do you ever tire of making fake accounts ya ibn shi3a sharmouta ya flame ibn ras ayri the mowaten of 3osh

problem.solver 20 hours
giga cunt

you said on the article there are only 3 of you ya sharmout or 300 with fake accounts ya khanzeer

gigahabib 20 hours
Do you ever tire of spewing nothing but smut every single day?

pollster 12 hours
to quote the kesseyi hypocrit Elemental: “Again with the fake accounts and provocations eaglekhiryi? Man up.”

Elemental 9 hours
Movaten fake account @pollster^ you didn’t listen like a child with ADHD, man up. Secondly be more creative with your words, how can anyone take someone who does that seriously? You’re the king of them, the instigator, and again you don’t relate a single thing to the article topic at hand. Little man sitting there thinking he’s actually gonna get results. Do you have school tomorrow? It’s almost bedtime, or you need time in the corner. 13 hours
Look who’s purposefully trying to provoke ^ gigarat, stick to the issue at hand instead of your creepy agenda. 1 day
#Save the maid!

Just phoned someone I know from Barja, the couple who had the maid weren’t nice to her… and God knows what she endured. She’s a collateral victim. 11 hours
#SaveTheMaid Be Strong Girl! 1 day
A tragedy no matter what for the victim and the victimizer. 1 day
Indeed liberty. 13 hours
It’s also sad how trolls are exploiting this for their own personal gain, disgusting. 13 hours
Did it not occur to the Iranians that a mother lost her child and was injured? Instead whine about “sectarianism” What a bunch of rat manipulators. I see others discussing the issue proper, and yes maids are treated poorly as pre-programmed racism there is rampant. I say in general, the problem is that as a norm, Lebanese (among others) are used to ignoring problems UNTIL they get too far and stuff like this happens. Perhaps they should learn to identify issues and prevent them from escalating instead of blissfully ignoring problems, and problem enablers. This is not an isolated case. 11 hours
In western countries we discriminate Arab Muslims more than any other kind! Really, Racism is really a disease. But Arab Muslims can’t be trusted. They are insane terrorists. 10 hours
This is more what’s in the Lebanese mentality, has nothing to do with the West. This is what they chose and these are the results, don’t even think of blaming the West for Lebanon’s ignorance, this is what they chose and these are the consequences.


PS: I have lifted the whole story plus the comments so you can all weigh in given the reactions.

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