Ethiopian hoes are hotter than Kenyan IG models


Prostitution in Ethiopia has increased massively in the last years. In the capital Addis Ababa, around 130,000 girls support themselves by selling their bodies. Most of the girls are under eighteen, many as young as fourteen. The youngest girls hardly earn enough money to buy their own food, whilst the experienced prostitutes make about two US dollars a night. Condoms, although free in many places, are rarely used. Men prefer to choose the youngest girls since they believe they are HIV free. This keeps lowering the age of those becoming HIV infected.

Imet these girls in Addis Ababa andstarted photographing them. Since many girls don’t have a home they take naps in between pleasing their customers and their days are spent at a hairdressing salon, drinking coffee, sharing their food and sleeping in turns in the back of the shop.[ATTACH=full]109398[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]109399[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]109400[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]109401[/ATTACH]

Hii Sgr ifike ethiopia aki

Nahamia Addis

What!! Vitu swafi kushinda za SJ hapa kenya

Experienced ones earn 2 dollars a nights? Mbaya sana. :eek::eek:

Ksh 192o_O:eek::eek:

must be a typo most likely $20 or thereabouts

mia mbili usiku mzima!!! hiyo hapana

Nimeclick hio link, it could be true. Eti a German tourist is ferking another 15 year old for 50 dollars, dryfry, for a whole month. :(:frowning:

:eek::eek: na utakuta that money is being sent to the parents nyumbani. I think pia nilisoma hapa someone was saying in Rural coast hata mama anakupa her daughter for a dryfry session at a very low fee

1 dollar =23.22 ethopian birr
2 dollars =:(:(:frowning:

uongo haezi kua dollare mbili hio chakula yenye wanakula pekee inauzwa mia saba pale abbyssinia ethiopian hotel behind safaricom HQs waiyaki way inaitwa fitfit consist of anjera ingine kubwa na nyama pamoja na salad

unaona wanaikula mtu nane kwa platter moja. alafu ni their native food so it must be way cheaper huko

Wueh…manze leo sijaweza kufika church…then naingia kijiji naona hii mambo ya malaya. what could possibly go wrong.

Labda wamejipikia wenyewe.

Jamaneni mia mbili kupanda farasi ya kihabeshi!

Uliza Murphy…

Hiyo ni Datsun 120Y Fish nimeona hapo?

:smiley: :smiley: injinia uliekwa meno

Enda ufungue branch ya Bruerine mkarara smokie base kama unajengea elders Safe House. Navy seals na SAS detachments tutainfiltrate Ethiopia through moyale.