Ethiopian crash Boeing model free to fly in Kenya

hapa kuna harufu ya Rushwa.

Nairobi has permitted Boeing 737 Max 8 that crashed in Ethiopia and Indonesia to resume flights in Kenya’s airspace after the ill-fated plane receive clearance to restart operations.

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No problem if it is cleared safe

Kama it was cleared si utulie we see if ziko poa sasa.


Naeza panda,chances ya hio ndege kuporomoka ni kidogo kuliko kuumwa na punda ama posts za @T.Vercetti :D:D:D

Another one will crash soon. Then they will be scrapped

Even if another Boeing crashes they won’t be scrapped. America cannot allow that to happen.

Ndio maana huwa unaogopa kuweka thread hivyo, juu unaogopa ati nitaishambulia ? :D:rolleyes:

Mkiwa na @kijanamrefu mko na same mentality. He is also in his 40s like you.

Njaruo @Tom Bayeye hio inaitwa uoga. You really fear anonymous strangers online. And you also like to be on the side of the majority just to be safe. Same with kijanamrefu.

If the majority hates Trump uko hapo tu pia. Going with current. Wherever the current takes you.

That is the Kenyan trait that stops young Kenyans from going after top leadership posts because they are too scared.

Your generation i.e current 40 year olds especially is very scared of people. I think mlichapwa sana mkiwa shule.

Akina Moi, Kibaki and Tom Mboya’s generation was different. They went after success very aggressively and at a very tender age.

Tom Mboya was a top union leader more powerful than Atwoli by the age of 29.

@Tom Bayeye your namesake Tom Mboya was not a cowardly njaruo. Neither did he follow the herd or the current.


Katishe mashoga wenzako ghaseer.Tafuta post yoyote yangu ya 2017 ujibambe makende:D:D sura kama kuma, ndo maana huishi kutombwa daily ghaseer


Tisk tisk tisk it’s so easy to get you riled up.

You get triggered so easily.

It’s not a good trait especially on a 45 year old African man. Learn to stay calm and composed like Tom Mboya your name sake. Remain cool under pressure. You will go far if you do that.

Ni uzee alafu pia naogopa vile unashinda ukinitafuta,you’re begining to sound like a jail house bathroom faggot rapist. Na hii uzee yangu nitakimbilia wapi jamaneni?:D:D [SIZE=1] fuckin faggot[/SIZE]

We have no safety standards to speak of, si ni juzi tu watu walikunywa maji pale likoni. Nothing was done. Basi ingine ikatumbukia at almost the same spot, guys got out by luck. No investigation, no reports, recommendations, no arrests, no sentencing, no lessons learned. Nothing. Just nothing.

:(Its tiring.

How do you know?