Another East African country falling.
I just imagine if this happened in Kenya there would mother of all riots from Uhuru park to Harambe house. The whole world would know about it.

I thought you guys wanted to relocate to Ethiopia because of electric train, cheaper SGR etc

Ethiopia will never advance with this type of stuff happening

We said, their new rail was better and cheaper than Kenya’s. Was true then, is true today.

Why are you guys so simple ?!

Its really sad for any country, once peace is lost everything goes with it. Your money, property, beautiful wife, all is lost.

This is why God blesses Kenya.We take in too much that other countries cannot.If it was the Brits they would have closed the borders.
Shida ni such migrants get too comfortable in our country and start unleashing terror on the very people who housed them in times of need

It isn’t, we all read recently how it takes two days with numerous long stops from Addis to Djibouti while killing camels and goats along the way since the track is unfenced.

In Africa, kenya i think is one of the most diverse countries, it’s got somalis…Nigerians…Tz.(pokos and disabled street beggars)…Sudanese… Ethiopians…Chinese…Italians(at the coast)…(british babies from rape victims in turkana and around Nanyuki)

Hehe and was cheap because they never compensated for the land they built on, and now the owner of the land is busy creating chaos.

hehehe,very funny:D

Its almost the same cost as our own but grade 2. However a year after launch its still not in operation, it doesn’t have a dry dock to handle cargo from Djibouti port which incredibly is now under construction. Lastly it suffers from frequent blackouts such that a 8 hours passenger journey takes 2 days. They may have the power but they don’t have a dedicated grid line with backup’s for it.

What we need to emulate from Ethiopia is building more cheaper power generating stations and completing our SEZ projects like their own. The advantages we have is an open democratic society, member of WTO, skilled labour and freedoms which we don’t take responsibilities over. Just this week their army went on a killing rampage in their side of Moyale town. They randomly killed 5 people and injured a dozen in the centre of the town. We are currently hosting 8000 refugees from that incident as residents fled in panic.

That said, I wish them all the best at this critical junction of their history. The scramble for internal democracy.


I almost wanted to be happy for Ethiopia’s downfall,but thank God i’m not Tanzanian.
so God help Ethiopia.

They need to handle their shit because this country cannot handle anymore refugees from neighboring failed states.

Sure! But atleast the upside of Ethiopian refugees is that we will have an influx /oversupply of Habesha beauties…

Most of those refugees are Oromo who are somehow similar to the Borana. I think they need to sort their mess in their country anyway.

i hope Ethiopia sails through this. the last thing we need is another failed neighboring state.

Unaufala sana…umesahau very soon we’ll have Chinku mwitus

Haters always tell us how Ethiopia’s economy is growing faster than Kenya’s cause of good leadership. Kumbe ni dictatorship

How can you forget the most significant driver of our relocation enthusiasm?

mblo, iko sida mahal