Ethiopia protestors wameng'oa SGR yao

They should start using Lamu port. Who was saying that Ethiopia was overtaking Kenya?


It seems the remainder of this year is wasted for Ethiopia.

In Kenya let us just navigate the election peacefully and remain the tallest dwarf.

We just don’t know how the Luos will behave. They are always the problem.

May be a peaceful election though because there will be no candidate from central to hate.

wale waliuwa wakikuyu huko kalejingaland na “kiambaa” walikuwa wajaluo?


The problem is stolen elections. Give people free and fair elections and peace will prevail.


(Let me just leave this here)

A few angry civilians cannot do much damage on a mega infrastructure project like the SGR. Civil war is the mother tukiongea civil unrest. Burnt down cities, burnt down towns, burnt down markets. Those who travelled through turbo, jua kali, eldoret, burnt forest, timboroa, total, nakuru: tosha. Wanajua. Pia along eldoret ksm road and along eldoret iten road. Kama kuna watu watachoma kenya sio jaluo. Ni kalenjinga zitachoma. I am saying this with love I am a fan of kalejingas, lakini watu kaeni mbali na siasa za hustlers.

this shit should be drummed into the heads of akina @ranny,@Circledot, @mayekeke and all kikuyus wherever they are. wawache ushenz.


Mbona the tweet is talking about somalia?

You are a dog’s anus.

:D:D:D skinnys kama @Bingwa Scrotum hawana nguvu ya kung’oa reli. Wanafungua tu bolts

What are Somalis doing in Ethiopia?
These urchins got nerves,wanaharibu kwao then they go to extend the same bonoboism kwa wenyewe…killemall

Read history my friend,read.

there is a county in Ethiopia full of ethnic somalis. somalis are a cancer in east africa.

@Bingwa Scrotum

but Ethiopia lazima watumie Lamu port