Ethiopia has only hot women myth!..Busted

Watching episode of Gem Hunters wakiwa ethiopia.Throughout the program(one hour long)hakuna the ‘fabled’ beautiful wasichana wanakijiji husema.Wanakaa commoners wale utapata kenya.The show shot scenes even in Addis ababa not only rural areas…

Mbica ama ni upussy

meffi wewe

vile @junkie amesema…

Back when I was working in Moyale town, Iused to encounter some short black guys, mostly empolyed by business people as casuals, wanakaa “Omwamish” hivi, walikua wanaitwa Conso/Konso. I to think that that’s the local dialect’s name for “Beba/Sogi” only to learn later they come from a tribe called Konso in Ethiopia

kazi yao ilikuwa nini …leta hekaya

Hakuna hekaya, walikuaga bebaa na they were “kiatu” ugly. Just trying to demystify the myth that all Ethiopians are brown and their ladies beautiful

watu wanaongea juu ya madem wewe unaongea juu ya majamaa wafupi . usituletee uhomo wako . sereee

Umeona jina omwami ukacatch sio?:D:D:D:D Pole no pun was intended. shipoto

Population ya Ethiopia ni 95million. Kuna habesha na ni kabila kadhaa with similar features ambao ni minority kwa nchi na wao ndio ‘wameiva’ na hao ndio wanatwanga watu saa hii. Majority ni nyeuthi na ndio mnasema wamebeat.

Ni kama ukiwa Kenya unasikia mamanzi wa coast wameiva na mwili poa alafu unakuja Nairobi sura tu ni dim and shiny eyes. Unaweza slap mwenye alikuita huku.

Aaaaand the myth is now busted.

Akuna bana. Hapo Bole mtu huingia akiwa na smyro moja ya kimataifa ukingoja bubu talk jionijioni juu akuna ktiu mnaambiana.

Pitia hapo Yaya Center opposite ingia hiyo Tawehedo Orthodox Church Jumapili hivi alafu ulete hekaya hapa.

Gem hunters ni miners sindio?

Hao si Eritreans?


May I say that the definition of “beautiful” for many of you and other Africans seems to be a bit twisted?

Why is it that many Africans seem to think that lighter skin, straight hair, straight nose and square jaws are the measurement of beauty? If you ask me, I think Lupita looking women, with real dark skin milk white teeth penetrating eyes are as much attractive. Anyway, I attached some pictures of everyday looking Ethiopians, representing almost all major Ethnic groups. I tried to pick pictures with national attire. This is how much diverse we are…

Afar Women (North East of Ethiopia, South Eastern Eritrea and northern Djibouti)

Afar man (North East of Ethiopia, South Eastern Eritrea and Northern Djibouti)

Amhara Women (North, North East & North West of Ethiopia)

Oromo Women (South west, South, South East & Eastern Ethiopia)

Bête - Israel (falasha) Ethiopian Jews part of the Agaw people North Western Ethiopia & In Israel

Mursi woman (Southern Ethiopia)

Oromo Couple (South, South Western South Eastern and Eastern Ethiopia)

Tigray woman (Northern Ethiopia) (This ethnic group also populated Eritrean highlands)

Tigray man (Northern Ethiopia, also in Eritrea)

Gurage Women (Southern Ethiopia highlands and Rift Valley )

Harari woman (Eastern Ethiopia

Gambela women (left) & Gambella man (Right) (Western Ethiopia) (The picture on the right is Omod Ukuri, Ethiopian national football team player)

[ATTACH=full]62139[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]62133[/ATTACH]

ahsande but next time ukipeana pictorial examples just give us the female pics . .

hao WAGAMBELA na WAMURSI waambieni warudi South sudan Na Nyanza in Kenya .

halafu can you give us a comprehensive thread from an insider of the conflict in your country coz sielewi vile wa Tigray 6% of the population wanarule the other 80% .

Hey brother,

Could you please translate what you just said in English?

sorry i said , next time when you give pictorial evidence of the ethnicity just give us the female pics .

then i said can you give us a comprehensive thread from an insider of the conflict in your country coz i dont understand how the Tigray 6% of the population rule the other 80% .

Thank you brother,

Sure, but remember. There may be some ladies, who read this forum and may be interested to look at couple of Ethiopian dudes pictures… :smiley:

As I have explained before (you probably didn’t see it) About the 6% ruling the rest of 84% is just myth.

The root of that myth is that the armed struggle that toppled the Marxist regime in the late eighties has started in Tigray, and when the Marxists flee, the person, who became president and after the constitution was formed a prime minister was a Tigrayan (Meles Zenawi). So, that fact made it convenient for larger ethnic groups to claim and portray it to outsiders that the Prime Minister’s ethnic group dominates. Especially for the Muzungus, if you need their sympathy and support, that is how you simplify things for them. You just play to their prejudice and stereotype of Africa and milk their sympathy and from the Muzungu bleeding heart reporters, you extract negative story about your opponents and get them amplify it. It’s a tactic, that the opposition, especially in the diaspora use. But, in reality, 7 million people, from a region with the least natural resources can not rule 93 million people, who produce almost all revenues for the country. The current Prime minister and over 2/3rd ministers are from other ethnic groups. I will be happy to respond any other question you may have…