Ethiopia feeding starving somalians !!!
for getting my threads deleted lool @Bingwa Scrotum

how worthless is your life spending the whole of it hating on one race

filthy habeshas

I don’t really hate your people lool but I also know that your people are a threat to the whole region and to be specific to my country

Theres over 7 million Somalains in Ethiopia you people don’t respect border and all 7 million of them wanna mix with us that’s just unacceptable

Can you stop this hate against a people who do not care about your existence. Mko na ujinga sana. Instead of embracing African Unity mnatusiana as if you are any better than the starving. Umbwa wewe ghasia

instead of putting up a thousand threads lets meet up on 12th street and we square it off man to man, fists to fists

Feed them,when you find poop on your doorstep,don’t ask who did it

Isn’t that what you also do around here.Ama who are subbies that you keep mentioning

keep off

Oh they do know about us :D:D Facebook Twitter YouTube they all over obsessed with habeshas lool[ATTACH=full]334353[/ATTACH]



Do I look like someone who goes around “Eastleigh” to fight with Somalains :D:D:D I’ve got bigger things to worry about than a pirate from Eastleigh

We might feed them but we also bombing their country :smiley:

@Habesha finish this pig with facts,he has asked me to keep of coz he can’t handle both of us

Yes,that has to be done so that they can always remember who they are dealing with

He wants me to meet him and "square up " like a 12 yrs old :D:D

Bomb him too,he will also snook you at first sight

What do you call a Somalian who doesn’t know his place :D:D:D