Ethiopia asks Kenya for Support on Tigray

Jayden should give tplf a “stern warning” …that ought to work

that pact was voided when Ethiopians invaded our borders na wakalisha mapolisi vibaya sana

No it wasn’t

That’s what happens when you poison the entire population with irredentist ideologies.

Your whole point has been invalidated by including biblical tales

The invalidated biblical tale is this:- the ark of the covenant was removed from jerusalem before it fell to babylonians about 2700 years ago. it was rumoured to have been hidden in israel for a time, going to egypt then sudan and finally found a resting place in the Christian kingdom of Axum, the present Tigray, where ethiopian orthodox monks care for it in a purpose-built church. the falashas you hear of probably converted to judaism at the time the ark came to ethiopia. it is further said that the state of israel will reposess the ark, once they have secured the site of the old temple in jerusalem, and take it to its rightful place within a new temple. But they have first to destroy the Al Aqsa mosque that stands in the place of the old temple and this can potentialy spark a world war. Whatever is going in Tigray has implication on middle eastern politics.

They lost to Ethiopia but they also lost to Kenya. During the shifta war Jomo Kenyatta aliwakanyaga mbaya mbofu.

Hio kizungu ni kali sana.

Actually,they lost to Colombia.

It doesn’t make sense whichever way. If you have 2 enemies, you deal with one enemy or you face a fate similar to that of Hitler or Japan in WW2

Let them go. NEP has no benefit to Kenya.

i discovered there is no country called Ethiopia , it is a land of 100 million and 6 major Tribes and other minor ones , Tigrayans, Amhara, Oromo, Somali. the Oromo and Amhara make up 60% of the population. the Tigray, amhara are 99% christian the Oromo are 60% christian . all the regions have armed groups, all the regions are self governing . its practically impossible to control a self governing region with armed groups. the minor tribes also have armed groups.

Uhuru should assure Abiy of our diplomatic support, coz millitarily hawahitaji they can deal with those guyz far north. but its very wrong for tigray to attack Eritrea na itabidi wanyoroshwe from a two pronged attack and kill that president wao ikuwe funzo to other regions mpaka watulie

yes,its also because Kenya is to sit on the UNSC

I wonder why the mighty federal government of Ethiopia needs help from Kenya to crush little Tigray… Sijaona mtu wa cyber kwa hii thread.

thats over 60% of kenyan landmass,plus tutapata wapi mbuzi ya kuchoma?

hawa watu wafanye handshake,waelewane devolution itakaa aje,human rights,powers and functions of federal government,watashare resources aje,minimum criteria for a political party to be established

What I’m hearing from my Tigray friends this is not going to be a two week skirmish. They are gearing for years long conflict

somalia wametusumbua ya kutosha we are not interested maybe moral support

Kenya should leave them to their internal conflicts otherwise they will end up being labelled as the aggressors when they reconcile. ya nyumba ya wenyewe usiingilie

You cant be serious, these guys were suffocating us that time