Ethiopia asks Kenya for Support on Tigray
NAIROBI, Kenya Nov 16 – Ethiopia’s Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen was due in Kenya on Monday to brief President Uhuru Kenyatta on the law enforcement operation in the northern Tigray region.

Diplomatic sources told Capital FM News that Mekonnen has been dispatched by Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to also seek support from Kenya.

“The Deputy Prime Minister is arriving today,” a source said, “he will hold talks with President Uhuru Kenyatta and brief him about the law enforcement in northern Tigray region as well as solicit for support.”

The Ethiopian government has been carrying out the law enforcement operation in northern Tigray region to restore rule of law and has made it clear that there will be no negotiations with the militia group, until law and order is restored.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced on November 4 that he had ordered military operations in Tigray in a dramatic escalation of a long-running feud with the region’s ruling party, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF

let them fight their own battles… we have enough problems as it is to last a lifetime

kenya maybe tuwapee tu verbal support

Ethiopia hawana mafuta, diamonds, ama dhahabu ya kuiba. I expect Uncle Sam and the European Union to turn a blind eye to any human suffering there, exactly like they did to Rwanda in 1993 and Kenya in 2008/9. The only jungus who will see value will be media companies that will milk the conflict for all its worth. It is common knowledge that America and the EU don’t intervene where they can’t siphon oil and other natural resources. They will wait for the conflict to end, and then pretend to care by summoning people to that Kangaroo court called ICC that is specially designed to jail black people.

A stable ethiopia is extremely important for this side of the world as We can afford to have them go down that path of somalia.

Imagine 30 years of lawlessness.

Why is TPLF attacking Eritrea? You are in war fighting Ethiopia & start a new front with Eritrea???

For Ethiopia to be stable TPLF terrorists have to go. PM Abiy is doing the right thing. Nyumba haiwezi kuwa na ndume wawili. Akate pembe ya hao rebels ndio stability irudi.

That’s not how it works, we have a defense pact with Ethiopia, which they are at liberty to trigger when it suits them. if they trigger the clause, we have to get up and go fuck shit up

That defense pact I thought was supposed to counter Somalis agression, you know the days when Somali wanted to control parts of Kenya and Ethiopia.

if kenya wants to pull out of the defense pact, they should announce they have pulled out of the defense pact. A defense pact is only as good as someone’s willingness to enforce it, otherwise it is a piece of paper and a waste of time

Ethiopia will likely continue to be a closer friendly state to Kenya than even some of the traditional East African States, judging from recent developments. Kenya is not being asked to send troops. They are asking for diplomatic support. If this lands on any regional or continental forum, they want to be able to count on Kenya’s friendly vote.

Msito Jimmy carter should land in Ethiopia. Together with prominent African leaders. Former president kibaki, jakaya kikwete,Kenneth Kaunda.
Hawa watu wapewe support. Wakae chini waongee. Infact they should right a new constitution.
Form a new government cabinet ikuwe na kila ethic tribe. Bill of right ikuwe enshrined. All militias to hand over their weapon. Abiy to step down. Kukuwe na transition transfer of power.
All tribes should give their views on katiba.
The should have justices and reconciliation committee. To look on all atrocities committed.
This is the only way to heal Ethiopia.
Lakini Abiy akiamua Vita we will see balkanisation of Ethiopia.

I guess this is where that UNSC seat comes into play.

What was wrong with Somalia back then? They were always spoiling for a fight. They always wanted to fight their neighbours

Ethiopian politics are as complicated as the country that was once a bona fide empire and middle eastern power, but it seems to be a muslim/christian cum cushite/semite pissing contest. The prime minister is muslim and from the populous Oromoics who also reside in northern Kenya. Tigrayans are Christian and have a longer prouder and imperial history. (They are likely to be custodians of the biblical ark of the covenant). It seems the young prime minster thought the Tigrayans are looking down on him and wanted to assert himself - the way a newly appointed form three prefect would take on form fours, and things predictably went ape. maybe he is coming to validate his position as a prefect and isolate the Tigrayans. Before Uhuru rushes to acquiesce, he should hear the Tigrayan’s side of the story. He should also find a way of cooling the young premier and teach him hand shaking techniques because this is what may soften the Tigrayans who if left to continue raging may declare secession.

Maswali zingine jameni… Am sure you’ve read the TPLF/Eritrea history on Google. Then you come here asking questions that you know the answer for.

The ignorance in this thread. Abiy to step down for what reason? Transition of power to who again? Read widely before commenting, don’t just comment for the sake of it. Google is your friend, my fren.

Right now Abiy is not on good terms with his oromia people. The other day he massacred his own oromia people. Infact he is illegitimate government. He was never chosen.
Google ni ya kuingia pornhub. Educate yourself first.

Hegemonic ambitions to bring all Somalis under one roof. This of course came to bite them much later when they were subjected to a humiliating defeat by Ethiopia during the Ogaden war. This war eventually triggered the internal civil crisis that plagues Somalia to this day.

But why invoke a defense pact when its a civil war? Although, you could find excuses in the name of the pact when a civil war could cause a ripple effect into the neighboring country. It has been done before and very recently in Arabic countries.