Ethics (help a talker)

Villagers, I’m in a dilemma.
There is this lady, that i gave her son some counseling lessons when he was joining form one (already he has cleared about 3yrs ago). The lady alienda majuu and probably she’s getting good money. As in the norm she supports her son through her mother.
Now yesterday the, the mother (grandmother to the boy) we happened to meet akaniambia nimtafute ako na “soda” yangu alitumiwa kutoka majuu.
How long should i wait ndio niendee hizo pesa, at the same time i don’t want to look desperate. But nataka pesa ya Guinness ASAP.
NB:We are immediate neighbors

The same day you receive the message. Tene ni tene.

Thengio… Lemme go there.

Could there possibly be people having sex in this heat?
@jaymoh how do you people procreate in the desert anyway?

Kama ilikua 5gs Jana ni 4gs Leo. Tene ni tene.

mimi kama ni wewe nanyandua huyo nyanya pia



Kwanza akina @pamba… Kwa mansion zao


A grown up idiot that never think anything beyond sex

hata wewe ukinichezea nakunyandua mukia , jinga

I don’t fancy homo shit like you. Hubwer

Katombwe na shetani…a full grown up ass who is agemate with my ancestor is thinking with his shitty ass…fuck you

And he never misses a beat! :D:D:D

go for the money now but usilewe yote nunua kitu utakuwa ukiona kama a reminder of the friendship.

Hii mzee kinakuwanga wise


Very wise there buddy… I’ll put that into consideration.

Yes, go there quicker. Am I the only one who’s expecting a hekaya after this?