Esther Arunga verdict.

She has been sentenced to 10 months in jail.
Yes. 10 months.
No deportation and she could be paroled.

…and not 10 years?

Huko wanachunishwa sukuma ama ni kulambana na kupendana?

I wish Kenya’s judicial system was this fast. Kesi ya Jowi na Maribe sijui imefika wapi. By the time inaisha maybe Ruto will be on his 2nd year of Presidency.

she deserved more years. she betrayed her own son. she betrayed her own parents.

parole not jail…anyway I don’t understand justice lingo but I thought parole allows one to walk provided certain conditions are met?

Quincy is in trouble. This guy will get a life sentence.
Maybe she was the one manipulating everyone…

She’s not going to prison. She’s been freed but she will be 10 months on parole.

I smell a rat in this saga … Quincy just got framed and he is royally fucked

Wakili leo umeniangusha, hii ya arungu ilianza mwaka gani?

In some countries punishment is ment to rehabilitate.

Where are all those doomsday conspiracionists who were all over predicting a life behind bars for her?
Probably the court was heavily persuaded by her mitigation.

That was likely to happen. Once you mention mental health issues which are taken very seriously, get a good lawyer with an extensive knowledge of human rights you are good to go.
She might not serve the full 10 months.
Either way, she has a life sentence as she will have to live with it.

The judge always relies on the pre sentencing report provided by the probation department and at the same time way on the gravity of the offense.

I think her lawyer argued domestic abuse. That Quincy was beating her behind closed doors and she was afraid that’s why she lied to the police.
I think that’s why the judge showed mercy.

Hakuna kitu kama hiyo mzito. It is just pussy pass. A man who commits a crime gets a steeper sentence than a woman committing the same crime. Is just how life goes. Hautawahi ona dem amwekwa tairi kwa barabara.

Nangoja comment ya porridge-head wakili @kijanamrefu.

Now that this dude is done and dusted. Arunga is now off to her new catch. Probably a rich gullible mzungu.
Btw Quincy’s former wife yesterday vehemently denied that he is/was an abuser. She said that this dude was a loving father to their three kids…

I have no opinion on this

The judge will only show mercy after going through the report made by probation department, wakisema hutoshi kuishi in a free environment wewe kwisha.