Esteban Ocon grabs maiden GP win

Noma sanaaaa

I wrote this in 2019:


Kwanza he won in the same week Alpine CEO said he’s not a "guaranteed champion material." Why the fuck would you say such a thing about your driver surely? Watu si wajifunze kunyamaza aki?

ION, Red Bull inazidi kutombwa tombi tombi. Mtombo after mtombo :D:D:D:D
Foolish boys thought they could run away with the championship “just like that?” It won’t be easy oooh.


Order has been restored in the realm. Once again, Lord Hamilton is firmly in charge.


Bottas has secured his seat for next year with his performance yesterday

Order has been restored in the realm. Once again, Lord Hamilton is firmly in charge.

This might not age well, don’t forget the only races that Max has not scored decent points are due to tire failure in Baku, Hamilton at Silverstone and Bottas in Hungary. Roundi hii Merc wamepatikana

Tutaona. By the end of the summer break Merc will have upgraded to Red Bull’s level. Halafu at Silverstone, Hamilton sent a message to Verstappen that he would no longer tolerate the Dutchman’s aggressive tactics. The first few races, Hamilton would get out of the way to avoid collisions, a good example being the Spanish GP.

Max always expects other drivers to get out of his way. From now on, Mercedes would rather both drivers crash out and lose points that allow Max to keep bullying them.

in this video, max has the apex of the corner, therefore the corner is his. In Silverstone, Hamilton was nowhere near the apex. With the line he was on, there was no way he would have made the corner safely. We can see max turn left to set up his corner entry since Hamilton is on his inside and has the apex. Hamilton is a great driver, the best driver in the world, its inconceivable to think he doesnt know whats going to happen when he places his car there. Watch what he does every time he is on the inside

Nonsense, Lewis went out of his way to avoid a collision in that video. He did the same in the first few corners at Silverstone as well. No more. If Max wants aggressive driving, that’s exactly what he’ll get.