ESET End point security

Talkers, which of you is an IT guru and can advice me how to remove ESET antivirus from my PC windows 10 without having to format all?

Upuus, just bang the PC, ESET will drop off

Use its uninstall tool

Iobit uninstaller. Does a bang up job.

Disable it hapo chini pale kuna eject drivers then toa hiyp kitu .

If what you’re facing is anything close to what I have faced in the past at the hands of ESET (removal and uninstall tools not working), I would just repair the Windows installation. Lakini it may not be, so just try what the gurus above have suggested.

ESET is hell never install this fucking software ati antivirus noooooooooo

iko na password which i want to bypass

Let me try

could not remove Eset end point security, but helped clean up clutter


Reboot into safemode then using esset removal tool uninstall it then smile…no need to reinstall os…esset it umeffi…kuna siku it break computer yangu ikaingia into BSOD.

It worked, Asante…

Welcome brother