Escort manenos,help a villager

There is this escort I sucked her boobs,during ‘cotus’ last week.since yesterday I’ve been sick and I was just thinking maybe she passed some infection to pliz

Is not infection. Is the baby crying to its maker. Ulikunywa maziwa ya mtoto kwa niini?

There was a layer of dead skin on her nipples. LUWERE. RIP.

Ulinyonya matiti ya Malaya?..kufa tu, mende wewe.

Where in particular, mouth ,throat .Wapi ?

Enda upimwe SARS-CoV 2.

Sasa kama ulimwaga hadi white blood cells…how is your body going to fight diseases?


Burial yako iko lini nikuje :D:D

Ungekunywa tot ya kibao immediately


Mimi sijai kuwa na fetish na hao hookers, I ignore them all . Kuna siku mmoja alinikuta hapo salgaa nikakataa, point blank.

Point is, Avoid lanye otherwise hungepata hio sore throat complications, meanwhile see a doc, there are very few doctors here lakini victim doctors ni wengi :smiley:

Always put the main agenda for a lanye is business a nut for a pay keep your feelings off it’s a transaction at the end of the day


Nishawai lamba matako

Mi niliwai lamba kuma and nothing happened to me… perhaps its your mind playing tricks on you now that you suckled her breast sasa inakukumbusha all the bad things you:ve ever done

How on earth do you remove your tongue and place on a woman of low virtue? A woman that uses tailoring oil to lubricate her crack to make it possible for you to nut and pay and you with your big head is getting emotional to a point of licking her nipple? Truly truly I say it to you, William Ruto has alot of civic education to do when he ascends to the throne.


Haha…young Kenyan, we know you fucked raw you trying to sugar coat your story with sjui ‘boobs’…my guy that’s why it is essential to have a medic contact in your phone…they will help you alot with prescriptions…