Escaping the matrix

After living in this world for the last 3 decades its seems 8-5pm job will never land me anywhere near riches and i am trying to escape the matrix by doing something rewarding.Kindly help me decide and the side hustle i should start before venturing into fulltime.

  1. Farming.I recently watch a podcast featuring wambugu apples and how he has made millions if not millions . Should i farm kales,cabbages or peas?Any farmer here?

2.Clothline.Should i start selling mitumba and also printing clothes with trending words like kitakuramba,kUnguru hafugiki,Mambo ni matatu,Staki air B&B ama hamwezi ni promote?

3.Selling electronics.Are electronics market overfloaded or i can get a piece of the cake? Can @Electronics4u assist me on the startup? I dont want to retire like @Abba with only 20M in my account and assets.

4.Cryptocurrency and forex trading.While i might know what is USD and Pounds,can i make a kill in this market? can @Crypto_king assist by elaborating and estimating the rough amount he/she can make in a month?How long should i train? capital needed for a start.

5.Food and animal trading. Can i buy goats,sheeps and cows from masai community and take to nairobi slaughter house?Can this generate real income.Does elders like @masai_mjinga have clue or just masquaralding on this forum.

Kindly suggest an area i can invest in ,it should be legal business and moral. Suggestions from @digi and other elders whom i am not saying are stupid but lacks the luck to think can just follow and try to learn from other elders.Thank you

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Leta pesa we invest in only fans

The businesses that are outside the matrix in Kenya are church business and government business. Those two areas don’t follow the same rules as the average Kenyan


Kindly dm with full details.

Utapigwa ngeta ukienda location

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I thought only fans nudes Dio investments ?