Once upon a time I was in a school located near a forest. I had a habit of going out till almost 6pm on weekends. The distance to the school from the main road was 4kms. It was shorter through a certain kiwanja but then wild animals love the kiwanja, so I take the rough road and walk 4kms in the dark around 7pm, I see a car and am like ,my lucky day, the car a Jeep is tinted and is going in the opposite direction. I wave it down it stops and since there’s no lighting Im unable to see the occupants of the car.I make up a story about why I got late and ask them to gimme a ride to school. The driver obliges and I go round to the codriver seat. Once Im inside the car,I realise the car has no less than 4 men with others seated in the back. I keep calm and they start asking me if we can go for dinner then they bring me back. Now I know, Im a gone case and I shouldve known better than to let the sun go down before I was in school when transport was available. I say a silent prayer and then I ask them, where would you kind gentlemen want us to go for dinner? The say a place I have never heard of. I quickly tell them it’d be better if they picked me on Wednesday as I was just through a bout of food poisoning and I was still on medication so I was on fluids and not eating. They bought my story and dropped me. I ran to my room fell on my knees and thanked God for saving my neck. Did I stop coming to school late? Join me for another episode to tell you what transpired in future misadventures navigating both wild animals and human animals on my walk back to school after eventful weekends that made me lose track of time and end up being in school at 7pm.


Btw on Wednesday, they actually came, I had given them another students name,I was in so much panic I couldnt even make up a fake name luckily even after describing me the other students couldnt figure out it was me, later at dinner ,the story was doing rounds with people trying to figure out who it was, I just smugly sat there. I was usually from crusades ,ofcourse had it been a date or sponsor si ange ni drop?

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@Georgina matina ulikuwa una-sneak shule unaenda wapi?

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We kama haukuwa na fom that is you. Mimi nilikuwa na fom . Nilikuwa black marketer . Music fests,science congress, drama ,I was away from school as much as I could coz I realised am very sharp hii kukaa kwa class throughout sijui prep siju class itanifanye nikuwe mjinga. One time I invented an invention in a 3 days ndio niende science congress. 8-4-4 is very dull, haitaki ukae class sana.

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And btw matina ni mamako

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I want you baby girl. Please have sex with me

Sneaking isn’t enough bad assery. Tulitwanga walimu sisi tukapewa expulsion. Wakati wa paper tukaletewa makarao watupeleke shule

We used to get educated in classes. I thought you should know. Seems you missed alot…

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what did you invent @Georgina matina? i wanna know…


now this would be more believable…

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So atheist after being unable to defend your sect youve brought your bitterness here? Sawa Tuu.

Whatever I missed ,am now doing a Science PhD so … I dint go to sit in classes I went to pass with flying colors.

After calling me Matina you expect me to tell you? You must not be very bright. I would do it every science congress so that Id go attend , the funny thing even with my makeshift contraptions I got alot further than those guys who spent alot of time on their projects. Infact wacha I block you for the fun of it. Bye!

The road was very bad so most people who lived there had Land Rovers , it was actually mostly jungus and they liked the terrain hence why it stays that way to this day,the road has never been tarmacked. You guys must be very poor even a kawaida car like a Jeep bothers you.Goodness.I need to be outta before muniambukiza that failure crab mentality y’all have.

Nimeifikiria nicomment kitu but I remembered I might get blocked

Junkie wacha kuniomba hio kitu ama nikublock.

napenda kukula ma feminazi