Escape from Githurai Airport


Thanos apo chini amesafisha mecho proper.

what is happening here

@cortedivoire leta bei

Yani amid all that chaos jamaa bado aliweza kusafisha macho sio

What was happening there? Looks like so big a hazard that harming yourself from a jump was considered worthy. Who will expand that foto at the junction?

Kufumaniwa…acohol thirst outside.

I still wonder how all those people walikuwa wamejazana place moja

98.99 ni pure shiny eyes

If you fast forward to minute 2:38 to 2:44, you will spot @Pomegranates attempting to jump from the balcony.

Nyang’au imefanya somersault karibu ivunje mgongo!

@captain obvious tumia handle yako ya ukweli kama we ni mwanaume. You deranged single mother product

Siwezi lipa more than 150

Gone through the clip looking for this particular moment sijaona.

:smiley: you too wanted to sanitise the eyes

Me too
Oya @Tom Bayeye leta a better angle banae, naona it happened right opposite your kinyos

fombe is loved

My eyes wandered to those skimpily dressed onlookers who came to see the business coming down

Haha this is the famous club Airport in Githurai 44 close to the also famous Jubilee club where this happened. It’s mostly crowded and it’s never closed even during the COVID-19 restrictions reason being it’s owned by a former KDF guy who’s loaded. Around here you will find prostitutes in broad daylight and as low as 150ksh you can quench your thirst this explains the ladies who are skimpily dressed.

Ishara ya danguro

Walipatwa wakikunywa na makarao hapo githu. Everybody was mguu niponye