Eritrea is the North Korea of Africa

  1. There is only one Tv station
  2. you can only withdraw $330 a month and only inside a bank
  3. The government only tolerates four religions: Sunni Islam, the Coptic Orthodox Church of Eritrea, the Evangelical Church of Eritrea and the Roman Catholic Church. Any other is illegal
  4. About 66 percent of Eritreans live below the poverty line,.
  5. , North Korea is actually much easier to get into than Eritrea. Good luck getting a visa
  6. There is no data, sim cards are very rare. Only one govt owned service provider. Internet is heavily censored.
  7. The president has absolute power since there is no constitution or rule of law.
  8. forces military service


Is Ethiopia any better?

These African mzungu wannabees are used to dictatorships. From brutal warrior kings like Menelik to brutal despots today. Their cousins the Tutsis appear to share the same characteristics.

Not forgetting that they have very beautiful girls

Eritrea si iko Uganda?