Eritrea is officially involved in the war

Asmara the capital got bombed

Hizi ng’ombe za Tigray zimeamua kama mbaya mbaya lakini zimechokoza nyuki. Eritrea ni Mo fire


Tplf is getting desperate to bad they gonna drag the whole region down with them

Does someone have a summary of this war. I thought they had buried the hatchet.

The Ethiopian defense force is closing in on tplf they getting desperate

@Habesha can provide that info…
The problem is…he is a njoroge alias @Binges Scrotum

The Ethiopian defense force have taken western part of tigray and they have surrounded the capital city of tigray (mekelle ) tplf knows it Its gonna be over soon

What do TPLF want?


Propaganda 101. Some of us have been to those places you are talking about and would recognize the infrastructure. This video is from China. Bring real combat footage if Tigray really bombed Eritrea. Stop using old news from an incident that happened in China in 2015. Now let me go run off those cans of Tusker Export.

That habesha is a filthy animal

Swafi wacha ni rudie like yangu.

@Habesha what is your goal? Initially I thought you were a bored admin trolling the kijiji but now I’m not so sure.

I wanted to learn about your culture and your views on politics not just in kenya but your views on Africa as a whole

Somalian was I talking to you calling habesha person a "filthy animal " isn’t very smart

The hatchet was exhumed.

Wako wapi wale wa Ethiopia is a better economy?

Nooo don’t destroy Mekelle. I am sad for the ladies

Those tplf scams refuse to get out of their basements and accept defeat even so we from the same ethnic I’m starting to really hate them now