Erikana anapenda hizi


A dose of their own Medicines

FVCKING CUNTS WAKUFE MAUMBWA Hope another one much bigger than than the Las Vegas one comes up soon.

When they kill such innocent babies with Drones where is the outcry?


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I like these comments from RT

@Ndindu Nyoro kwani ulinyimwa Visa ya Yues? Too much bile mdau, pancreas overworking

Mimi hutumia akili yangu kuona vile Sodom hubrainwash watu. Huyo Veteran amaeua Sodomites alinyimwa treatment after baada ya kutumiwa vibaya akamuua kilipisha kisasi. He is a Hero to me for doing that at home.

Where is the sadness for Libya, Iraq, and a billion other places that the Sodomites have been killing innocent people?

Libya makes a lot of sense, Iraq? Nah they deserved everything they got. Morality and Democracy are two infinite topics to try to comprehend