Eric Wainaina's wife punched by askaris

woah there friuty loops,mimi sina hizo tendencies, who is we?

Peasants too can make a change, it’s not just the ruling class.

What do you expect when you elect a clown?
The midro class needs to get out and vote they have the numbers to swing the vote in any direction but they choose to sit pretty . It’s a wake up call.

Peasants hupigwa zinalia lakini hakuna kitu kina Wanyonyi hufanyiwa

Stop acting cool noone is gonna brand you gay man

Nope ,not gonna work. I dont roll that way son

Had not noted you are a VS

and as usual we will never hear the other side of the story…as much as kanjo ni wapuzi,kweli wanaeza enda waingie such a highend joint na waanze kutandikana?why is she trying to portray our askaris as that primitive?..sitaki kuwa prejudicial but mi najua vile watu wa izo class huwa wanadharau low profile civil servants

Okaaay,now what bwana @Kimakia . Kama ni recruitment ya kabati,count me out

Its cold out here,pls reconsider

Entitled middle class nonsense. I would have bitchslapped the husband and their kids at home as collateral damage :D:D. Watch the whole video and marvel at their arrogance. I dont condone violence but they had it coming [SIZE=1] runs away screaming while Playing devils advocate…[/SIZE]