Eric Omondi Ordeal with Crack Cocaine Addicted Bro;Women who are Alcoholics

Theres also a movie coming out called Beautiful Boy about a Father’s experience when his very young son got hooked on meth after his parents divorced.
The guy also has a drug memoir called Tweak and theres one by a lady called Alcohol: A Love Story

@Georgie Makena wapi samary sisi watu ya subireee tuko mahali pabaya. Hakuna mbandos.

2/3 of ktalkers are drunkards. They need urgent help.

Who is this coke addicted bro?? Fred??

asking the same!

another brother but alidedingi.
lakini hio haikuwa cocaine. cocaine is a rich man’s drug

There is a poor man’s version called crack cocaine

do you know what crack cocaine is?


do you know?

I do, do you??

I do. you dont.

you dont know that

Cocaine by any other name… still ferks you up. Cracked,uncracked or godamned vapoured

most people dont know the difference