Eric Omondi drama pale parliament

Shirtless but strong men (are they bouncers) led by comedian Eric Omondi block Parliament Road to protest rising cost of living. Surprisingly, police who seem to agree with them, are yet to remove them - even as traffic build-up rises. Parliament would be in session from 2.30pm.[ATTACH=full]496937[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]496938[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]496939[/ATTACH]

Interesting, such I support.

Skuizi jamaa ni gun for hire

Ooooh, in this case who has hired him?

Hapa sawa. Anatafuta pesa za activists

Wapi anti riot on horse back wachape hawa njaruo nyaunyo. Wajue serekali ya jambasi iko imara.

Everyone should stand with him in solidarity btw

Naona amebambwa

Peasants should join them. Like a million of them daily causing serious traffic and of course petty crime.

Admean @Electronics4u hired him.

They look well fed for people protesting against the high price of unga. I SUPPORT.

Bei ya juu ya Maisha

Watu wa kibera should join… Nd cause havoc

Kenyatta 2 is to blame waende ichaweri.

Get a second degree from a reputable university. That is kama already uko na ya education. Does it really matter if whoever is protesting against high cost if living is hired or not?


exactly. Wangeenda na wasee wamekata kukata manze sasa wasee wameunga hivyo surely?? What an irony:D:D

They need more food to maintain hence they feel the pinch more.

Rao n karua should join, then sisi na team kalonzo we support, eventually all kenyans will back us

There is no incentive for the government to reduce inflation because inflation increases their tax revenue. For every item you purchase at a higher price, VAT is also increased as a percentage. If they were serious about addressing the COL crisis, they would’ve already reduced the VAT rate.