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Months after bulking up, ndio huyu tena amekonda kama ng’onda


Kelele tu na upus.

Toilet comedy.

The entertainment industry in .ke needs serious content developers, brains that can drop serious content 5 years in a row without repeating themselves, and still nail it.
You can be a good actor, musician or comedian, but to most, it ends up at that, content generators are the backbone of the industry.


The last time I heard this was in Primary tukiandika insha.

Effects of juicing. Lakini omondi ni wanawake wamemmaliza. You cannot keep spilling your life force and expect to bulk up

Poor guy… Nikama comedy haimtaki… Ana strago sana…

Can’t compare to crazy kena na that mama otis guy… (not the best… But they try)

if you get it its funny…

Tell us more…

Crazy Kennar is the only comedian in the world who managed to tickle Buttco @patco’s funny bone.

A no mean feat given that @buttco @patco is a well known sadist whose only recorded laughter was when he heard that an American drone had killed 30 Afghani kids attending a wedding in Kandahar.

Mambo ya Erick omondi wachie yeye, we omba serikali kazi

Ilishika still. Ulienda hiyo place?

You sure?

I like crazy Kenner and also Jaymo yule msee.
I’d rather watch those two compared to these Churchill made comedians.