Eric Maigo Wasn't A Paedophile

Ann’s mother has said she’s 20 years old,and she’s a thief ,not a killer.The deceased has been painted as a paedophile by feminists,white knights and know-it-alls,since women are apparently always innocent.Anyways, here’s her mother speaking.


Phew, may boy child rest in peace


Mie nilishangaa tu what a man like that would be doing alone in the same room with a girl like her

Hakuna kitu ya kushangaza hapo,si kila mtu anabagua mwanamke juu anatoka ghetto.Those are superficial things.

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That lady didn’t look like a 17 year old


Mboga ya 16 huwa tamu saidi

Yes, but some 16 year-olds don’t look 16 and some over 18 year-olds are flat mbele na nyuma

I know many men who are in prison because they fucked a girl and the girl’s parents did not like his dusty broke ass. Ukitaka amani itisha dem ID. I once date a teenager who was still using her mother’s IF on her phone number. I almost choked in fear when I discovered it. I told her to get her own phone number indirectly without asking for her ID. I sang hallelujah when she did. Anyway her pussy was sweetbut her brain was completely childish. Dem wa nineteen ukiwa mid 20s hamuwezi skizana