Eric Bailly Medical booked by Man Utd as £25 million fee agreed with £5 Million as add on

Buy 1 defender and leave 4 go. that’s suicide. Even top 10 will be a struggle. Injuries, lack of form and bad luck and there is no way you can replace them in one transfer. There is nothing wrong with either, at their prime 21-26yrs and versatile. McNair played center back, holding midfielder and right back for LVG. Jones played as center back, right back and holding midfielder for Sir Alex and LVG. Blind played as a left back, center back, holding midfielder and left winger for LVG. Rojo played left back, center back and left winger for LVG. All are good team players, moderate wages and follow team tactics with little complain. I’m counting on Mourinho man management to get them to their best. Remember even before the beginning of the season Smalling hadn’t reached his peak but LVG took time to guide him in pre-season and he evolved to a commanding leader at the heart of the defense. Lets wait and see how it will be. My problem with Stones is that he is prone to mistakes (that can be fixed) but also his transfer fee (£50 million) is too much of a gamble. For that price it should be certain.

The nature of today’s football is such that the individual quality of players (especially defenders) doesn’t matter as much as the team organisation and formation. Spending lots of money on a defender is a waste. A good example is Atletico and Leicester, which had very good defensive records, playing with lesser known defenders.

I like Blind’s versatility and can spray a range of killer passes every now and then. I just fear for his future under Mou considering the comments he made when LVG was sacked.
Mou may view that as lack of loyalty to him, his ego cant take that. He may sell him

Man Utd if far much bigger than Jose, Sir Alex and Bobby Charlton roles at the board will keep him grounded. Besides he has said on MUTV yesterday that he respects the clubs traditions and he will only add to the team not weaken it.


The only Vardy arsenal can sign is Musalia mudaVardy:D:D:D:D:D


You seem to forget we are talking about Mourinho, unless a player has the potential to become world class or can be very good in one position then your chances are limited, remember Mou rarely rotates his team the way Fergie did and he isn’t a total football fan like LVG playing guys out of their natural position.

What counts against them is the outrageous amount of talent out there available on the cheap

Ok, like which ones.

U’ve killed me i swear! :D:D:D:D:D:D

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Its official. Welcome my African brother to the theater of dreams Old Trafford.

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Mourinho arriving earlier for his tribunal with Eva Carneiro.

Dr Carneiro was dropped from first-team duties and later parted company with Chelsea.

She claims that Mourinho shouted the Portuguese phrase “filha da puta” at her, which means “daughter of a whore”, as she ran on to the pitch.

Mourinho has conceded that he used the term, but insisted he had been using it throughout the match.

Mary O’Rourke QC, acting for Dr Carneiro, told the Tribunal on Monday: “He [Mourinho] uses the word ‘filha’ because he is abusing a woman.”

Dr Carneiro also alleges that on 10 August last year Mourinho told Steve Atkins, head of communications and PR at Chelsea, that he did not want Dr Carneiro on the bench at the next match, adding: “She works in academy team or ladies team, not with me.”

Carneiro’s lawyers said in their opening argument. “The bad employee forces the good employee out of the job of her dreams and the employer does nothing to stop it. The bad employee berates, sexually harasses and demotes the good employee for carrying out her professional duties.”

Case continues. (JT)


I think washakubaliana on an undisclosed settlement

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Tunangojea benzema akuom

Mi hutaka maplayers warefu na fast. Ie matial…rashford…sasa bailly. Tupate sasa mzee ibra na maybe pogba. Izo header ndani ya 18 zitakuwa zikirarua neti kila weekendi…