Erdogan leads anti Israel protest

…but turkey is NATo member

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Si angalau angetumia Hamas Bayraktar TB2 kadhaa at least ata wao wabomb Israel.

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We stand with the children of God

You , @rexxsimba , @Aka_mpole and other stupid slaves . Let those dogs be nuked all of them .mbwa

Pure theater and cheap political PR …

Erdogan should be the last person to talk about his live for freedom and human rights…

Does anyone here remember…

  • The ongoing genocide of the Turkish Kurdish people …???
  • His friendship with Putin and playing on both sides of the Russia Ukraine War …???
  • His attempts to sabotage NATO unity by frustrating the enrollment of Finland and Sweden…???
  • His human rights violations inside Turkey…???

Unknown to him , Iran has got Turkey in it’s sights as a fertile recruiting ground to export it’s Shiite World Caliphate Agenda …

The caliphate agenda as long as it brings prosperity to the Muslims and good morals it’s a welcome. I know you as a staunch supporter of nudity and weird sexual laxity of western homosexual imperialists you can’t support it .

Muslims and Morals in the same sentence…???

Are you aware of the Depravity , Backwardness , Racism, Human Rights Violations and other evils…
All being advanced in Allah’s name …???

All the following are alive and doing very well in most hardcore Islamist Nations

  • Slavery , People trafficking , abuse of minors, forced marriage.
  • genocides of minorities and people’s of different faiths.
  • marginalization of women , forced FGM , “Honour Killings”.
  • drug production , abuse and trafficking , exporting arms and supporting terrorists worldwide.
  • Sodomy , Child Sex.

The difference is that the West does not deny that it is happening and has taken measures to address the problems

The “Champions of Allah” are living in denial and in the expectation of their 72 Virgins in Paradise
I wonder what the Female Faithful get …??

NGAMIA Kabisa , All of them …!!! :rage::rage:

Erdogan is only talking that way to appease his followers. Behind closed doors he sucks Israel dick hard.