ERC review

PRICE of petrol drops by Sh1.42 a litre, diesel down by Sh1.81 a litre while kerosene sheds Sh7.14 in latest ERC review

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Big Brother’s prediction of the projected production of bootlaces has been over-fulfilled by 98 percent. [SIZE=1]Almost everyone in oceania walks barefoot.[/SIZE]

Meanwhile, a barrel of oil trades at $30.80


Bado nauliza… Kwanini Pembe flour haishuki bei


that review is a fucking joke

Mbona bei ya cooking gas inapanda?

We should be paying around 70 bob per litre in Nairobi by now. And why isn’t EABL talking about lowering cost of beer. They usually cite increasing fuel costs as the reason for raising beer prices. I usually drink around 8 pembe ungas per session on a weekday.

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It’s time to eat

Atleast imeshuka.

Diesel na super zimeshuka a bob while kerosene imeshuka 7 bob, hiyo hesabu wanafanya vipio_O

Njaro ya ku beat hizo bei ni ufuge ngombe hapo “rugito” ya kwako alafu utap biogas from the shed. Apana lia lia na wale wakamba wenzako wako kibwezi hata maji ya kuoga hawana


In july 2014 the RRP for super in Nairobi was 115.86
In May 2014 the average price of Murban Adnoc Crude that month was US $104.64
The US $/Kes Exchange rate average for May 2014 was 87.41

In jan 2016 the RRP for super in Nairobi was 88.64
In Dec 2015 the average price of Murban Adnoc Crude that month was US $43.55
The US $/Kes Exchange rate average for May 2014 was 102.15

I have staggered those date because ERC claims our fuel purchases and sales have a 45-60 day lag time. They also claim landed fuel cost is only 60% of the pump cost.
Let me try do a comparison between those two snap shots in fuel prices, watu mko industry na waliokula mbuku ya hesabu correct me if I’m wrong.

First lets get 60% of the fuel cost in july 2014 - 60/100 x 115.86 = 69.52
Lets try to estimate what todays price should be given the above facts
69.52 x 102.15/87.41 x 43.55/104.64 = 33.81
(dollar more expensive) (crude now cheaper)

Assuming 40% of the pump cost in July 2014 is due to taxes, distribution costs, profit e.t.c (very generous by the way)
40/100*115.86 = 46.34
For what I think should be the RRP for Jan 2016 - 46.34+33.81 = [SIZE=5]80.15[/SIZE]


mblooo sasa ni full tank kujaza

tuseme you drive a salon car, full tank ni kama 40lts, tuseme difference ya bei between today when you cannot afford to jaza and tomorrow when you can jaza is 72bob, umeona mafala hapa?


erc na cartels will always shaft you so this kunugunika kama ya mwanamke wont change anything.
monopolies should be abolished mpaka kenya power

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Weren’t we buying this thing at seventy something in early 2000s. Ama ni memory yangu mbaya.
I usually think that bit is better to cut taxes and make the fuel cheaper. The benefit will be distributed to all kenyans. Cost of production lowers. Things will become cheaper. No demands for salary raises. its a better way of sharing, but achieving it would need nothing short of a revolution. Thats a dream because that one who doesn’t own a vehicle thinks he/she isnt part of that. People would rather pay the taxes to thieves and the cry all the year round that money is being stolen.


Mliambiwa na Mutunga, the cartel levels in Kenya are so big to the levels that they even frustrate the president. Endeleeni kununa, those V8s mnaona kwa barabara lazma zikuwe maintained na tulightskin wanunuliwe tuvitz.

In other news, Fare imepungua mtaani. Thanks to Forward travellers.


Wewe hupendi pinpoint?

Do not forget the 3/= that was added in September/October last year.
Then excise duty was added by 2/=.
Then by August 2016, there will be VAT added on fuel because it was a condition for some loan they wanted.
It’s never going to get better.
Plus it’s 54%. 54% is what the govt takes from every litre of fuel.
Hopeless Govt.