Equity is to scholarships as Uhuru's CBA is to drug barons

This is just a tip of the iceberg. There’s more to it. The blowing up of the ship despite the court order has a murky story behind it. In summary, the Kenyan govt is rotten to the core.


Commercial Bank of Africa is willing to issue two guarantees of Sh70 million each for Jack Wolf.

Wolf is charged with trafficking 99.7kg of cocaine worth Sh598 million.

Anne Mumbi of CBA told the Kibera court on Thursday that if Wolf fails to appear, the bank will pay Sh140 million to the State.

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How is that story related to uhuru? How is CBA related in any way to mr kenyatta? Meffiakuku


Hizi ni zile vitu za mharo news

If only a bank could guarantee me 70 mil…

These jungus will pull all and any strings to get their own out.

This story baffles me, why CBA n not any other bank, its clear who’s involved in illegal trade in (EMEA) Europe Middle East &Africa region here, n no one can do sh!t about it, that’s the bad thing.

Uhuru is part owner of CBA. He used to visit the headquarters and shout at employees as if they are kids… when he was the minister of finance.

Most people should know Kamwana was not in a proper mind set to be trusted with handling his family enterprise. He started his own business SELLING FLOWERS.
MUHOHO KENYATTA was the ONLY person trusted.
Muhoho is the Group Chief Executive Officer of Enke Group of Companies,
Chairman and Managing Director of Brookside Dairies Ltd and Gicheha Farms
Limited. He is the Deputy Chairman and board member of Commercial Bank of
Africa Limited, among other companies. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in
Economics and Political Science from William College (USA).

JOHN STUART ARMITAGE is the Group Executive Director of Enke Group of Companies. Also Director of Enke Europe Limited. He was the Liquadator of Gatundu Development Company Limited having a rapport wwith the founding President

CBA bank even thou has a the highest number of customers (through partnering with Mpesa), is a MZUNGU bank. Uko ukienda they don’t expect you to ask for discounts.
Also AIG Insurance Company of Kenya. The company is controlled by AIG International Ltd incorporated in the USA, which owns 66.67% of the company’s shares. The ultimate parent company is the American International Group also incorporated in the USA.

Where is the proof. Atakama tumejaa uko we know this shit can’t happen.

CBA Ownership
At the beginning, CBA was owned by a consortium of financial institutions known as Societe Financiere pour les pays D`Outre Mer (SFOM), based in Switzerland. Original members of the consortium included Banque National de Paris, Bank Bruxelles Lambert, Commerz Bank and Bank of America. In 1980, Bank of America acquired 84% shareholding, effectively buying out all the other SFOM partners. 16% shareholding in CBA remained in the hands of Kenyan investors. During the 1980s Bank of America divested from the bank, putting 100% shareholding in CBA in the hands of Kenyan nationals.
The other investment is AIG Insurance Company of Kenya. And here again it is the businessman Muhoho who does the deals.

1 Enke Investments Limited 24.92% (was formed in 30 April 1989)
, through Yana Investments – a subsidiary of the Sameer Group – has a 14 percent stake in Enke Investments Limited which is the holding company for the Kenyatta Family. Muhoho Kenyatta, Uhuru’s younger and more business-minded brother and the family’s trusted son, is one of Enke’s directors.

2 Ropat Nominees Limited 22.51%
3 Livingstone Registrars Limited 19.91%
4 Yana Investments Limited 11.15%
5 Ropat Trust Company Limited 5.37%
6 Livingstone Registrars Limited A/C 2 4.74%
7 CBA Employees Share Scheme 2.50%
8 Others 8.89%



You know her that well?

And now you cannot deny the ownership of CBA?