Equity Bank denies knowing, loaning Turk businessman linked to Ruto, Harun Aydin, Sh15bn



Equity bank has denied extending a Sh15 billion loan to a Turkish businessman linked to Deputy President William Ruto.

The bank’s managing director Gerald Warui on Wednesday told a Parliamentary Committee the bank does not have any banking relationship with Harun Aydin.

“He does not operate and does not have a banking relationship neither does he have a loan with us,” Warui said.

Warui appeared before the National Assembly Finance Committee chaired by Homa Bay MP Gladys Wanga.

The manager also told MPs that he is not aware of the phone call purportedly made by Ruto to the bank to facilitate the loan.

Ruto has previously said he helped Aydin secure a loan with the bank to set up a Covid-19 vaccine plant in Uganda, adding that he was a legitimate businessman.

Jambazi sugu kutoka Sugoi lenye miraba minne na misuli tinginya lina uwongo sana…

When everyone hits the ground to campaign and all the gloves go off, ile propaganda Ruto atachapwa nayo Itumbi won’t be of any use. Itabidi ame hire CNN yote to fight back the propaganda.

Probably he loaned Aydin the cash from his money laundering biz, alaf anawekelea Equity. Mujamaa apambane na ukora yake bila kusumbua Mwangi.

Ikuity saving/ protecting its international brand.

What did you expect, say yes, no way.

It was actually very petty of him to discuss such a matter on national television. Sasa ona.
He is now becoming confrontational…which to me is a character of a person who cannot handle pressure.
Bonga points zinapotea kupotea.
Penda sana.

But Ruto si ni muongo. Nilisikia akisema ati UDA imejenga mabarabara na mahospitali. Halafu ati he helped get rid of the imperial presidency. I was like “When did that happen?”


Our bigger problem is the limited choice of presidential candadidates who base their popularity on tribe and have no ideology for development.

The sad fact is that fringe candidates are never elected to high office.

Some level of name recognition or notoriety is required.

He is very tactless when you think about it .Why would he reveal such sensitive and easily verifiable information ? Sasa uwongo yake and the desire to impress so called hustlers is being used against him .

Meth-thinks it is campaign money that was to be sneaked into Kenya but GoK ikaweka brakes. So plan B was to use Uganda to get the money into Kenya.

This is my thinking…money was stolen during jubilees 1st term ikawekwa outside the country. After Obamas visit Kenya ikaweka airtight measures to counter money laundering. Arror being in govt was however able to bring back the money into the country kidogo kidogo via diplomatic courier.
Arror wakakosana na number 1. Number 1 akaambiwa hii maneno ya sneaking in money for campaigns and church donation.
Akasema hataki hio story tena.

Arror had to be creative…so he turns to Uganda. Pesa iende UG, ifanye ‘investments’ hukobut the owner of investment to be a Kenyan. Bank the money with Equity, bring all revenues and profits to Kenya before re-investing the same. Close shop after a few years due to losses and liquidate all ‘asssets’.
Hii ndio plan ilikunywa maji

CBK itakuwa imelala!

Hapo Ruto alifanya ushenzi that’s uncharacteristic of him. Angesema tu “a local bank” gave the Turk terrorist money, our lazy githeri journalists hawangekuwa na time ya kufanya research.

Ruto thinks everyone is stupid…

as much as i dont like Ruto hapa talkers and the media put Ruto out of context.

Ruto said he called Equity to assist a businessman to get a loan HE NEVER SAID AYDIN was the businessman.

As a navy seal i went to the ground and did my research, the loan was given out to the company producing vaccines which is owned by a Ugandan businessman. So Ruto assisted the east african to get a loan which is not illegal since Equity bank has branches in Uganda. Tuwache politics when it comes to Kenyan businesses succeeding out there. Gladys wanga in the interview is trying to make it look like Equity says M7 was lying thus compromising its standing in Uganda.

ODM has to be very careful because its very easy for Ruto to cry and say ODM is jealous of Kikuyu businesses succeeding outside Kenya thus they are poisoning Equity banks business in Uganda thus losing more sapere votes .

my conclusion , Equity loaned money to M7s ally and Ruto facilitated it but it was not Aydins. the other more explainable part is that vaccine factory is a cover for Ruto to wash his campaign funds and Raila discovered way later .

Ruto said he called Equity Bank and got person X to be issued with a loan of 15 B.

We are in agreement that Ruto called Equity Bank (he admitted it). The Equity’s MD just said that he is not aware of such a phone call (definitely if 15 B were to be loaned out after a call the MD would have to authorize it and not a branch manager).

You want to contend the identity of person X which is fine, freedom of speech is paramount. But you are not entitled to your own truth. Anyone who followed the news in Kenya at the time Ruto was explaining his phone call knows there was a mysterious man, know as Ayadin, who was to accompany the DP to UG. So as you navigate your theory of the identity of person X just be aware of that part of the story.

chief look at equity bank books which are public , utaona there is a 15 billion loaned out to the Ugandan vaccine factory, which is owned by a ugandan businessman not Aydin. and a loan is just not given out by a phone call due diligence was done and a security attached which is a process, Equity si kiosk bana its an international company.

Weka link ya equity bank books tuone hio 15B.

Akishadanganya anakimbia kanisa… someone once told the most religious people are the most corrupt

Acha tukubaliane that Ruto made an amateur mistake, regardless of whoever received the money.

Ingia Facebook page ya equity bank Uganda utaona ukweli, post ya 5th July, muache kudanganyika. Arror haongei uwongo siku ata moja