Equitel bundles - a joke or what?


:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Do those fools know that for 2000 I could get 180 freaking gigs from Telekom???

Mobile telophony business ya equity ni side hustle ya Mwangi. Nikama kuuza mandazi time job wanakunywa 10am tea

So ukiuza mandazi 100 bob na competition inauza 5 shillings then itakuaje??

The profit equity is making from banking division is enough to sustain any losses from the mobile telophony division. But if they lock equity app itumie hio network pekee that is the jackpot with over 2M subscribers. Even if 10% buys 2000 per month thats additional income of 4M per month

Hio ni ujinga wakijaribu many people will leave

Safaricom tried that with their new app wakaona moshi.


First of all, and something I have always wondered, how good is their network and ip services? And since wanasema wanashindana na safaricom, how wide is their network coverage?

Not well covered countrywide just like Airtel and Telkom… thus leaving Safaricom to domineer.
Their network is just good in major towns

Equitel is dependent on airtel’s network

Any sane business man would make an actual attempt to generate income. Not make losses because another division covers for that.
With 20/, you get 70MB on saf, more on Telkom…simple math.
Unless theirs is to sell data…consumer data