EPRA & NEMA Had Rejected Embakasi Gas Plant Application Thrice, But Negro Is Lord Of Mediocrity & Impunity

The Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) storage and filling plant in Embakasi where an explosion occurred killing three and injuring more than 200 people had no approvals to conduct business, it has emerged.

Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) said all applications by the firm were rejected as they did not meet the set criteria for an LPG storage and filling plant in that area.

EPRA noted that it received the applications on March 19, 2023, June 20 2023 and July 31, 2023.

“The main reason for the rejection was the failure of the designs to meet the safety distances stipulated in the Kenya Standard,” it said.

In a statement to newsrooms, Epra said it noted the high population density around the proposed site.

The authority said it requested the applicant to submit a Qualitative Risk Assessment indicating the radiation blast profiles in the unfortunate case of an explosion like the one that happened on Thursday night.

“The blast profiles are simulated by use of computer software and indicate the effect of a typical blast in terms of heat radiation and tremor/vibration and are useful in reviewing the safety of the surrounding areas,” Epra said.

The agency said the applicant never provided the requested QRA resulting in the rejection of the applications.

“Email correspondences providing reasons for the rejection were sent to the applicant,” it added.

Epra noted that it has formulated short and medium-term measures to ensure the safety of all LPG plants in the country is guaranteed.

“This is through actions such as undertaking detailed technical audits of all licensed LPG plants in the country to ensure high safety integrity status in terms of health, safety, security and environment,” Epra stated.

Sounds like bullshit, people just washing their hands of the pending lawsuits!


There are documents to prove denial.

Now the qusetion will be. Didn’t they know that the plant was operational until the last night?



now we’ll start playing games about who is the real owner when we all know it’s ojinga macho machozi



Wadau inkaa hii ni sabotage ndo baba hakubali handshake haraka haraka … hii story ifagiliwe chini ya waba.

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Elder, I’ve noticed something about your posts which make me to sometimes recalculate and reorient to understand, viz:

Hakubali - not accept
Akubali - accept

Hataenda - will not go
Ataenda - will go

Hataandika - will not write
Ataandika - will write, etc.

Just polite highlight.


So they arrested the watchman but not the operators?? I have seen the videos, cars were hurled upto the 5th floor of a nearby apartment

Kiswahili nayo … nilisoma lower primary to around grade three ivi then nikaswitch to a school … that din’t teach. The rest nilijifunza tu mwenyewe. I should be allowed to get away with anything.

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Primo ulienda Ontario ama Karen?

Elder, How did you notice the H and lack of it? Your background doesn’t allow you to notice that specific alphabet letter in the first place.

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Kiswahili has been mutilated mercilesslly. Even big firms such as SAFARICON keep making mistakes in their adverts. They misspell the word *SHEREHEKEA and write it as SHEREKEA Mimi KCSE i had A- in both languages, I used to teach my fellow classmates Fasihi. Niliwachambulia Vitabu vya Kisima Cha Giningi & Buriani kwa kina sana.



Wazi, that’s ok :+1:

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Nilikua hapo Karen, kuanzia junior high ndo nilienda uko ontario.

Yeah… How convenient that there was no approval yet the facility was in operation all along…

Kuna mtu au watu walitembelea site “wakapewa” ng’ombe wapelekee “mkubwa” na “ndama” yao walenge riba.

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The Government of Kenya has put in place multi-sectoral systems, tools and mechanisms to ensure disaster preparedness and timely response.

However, Kenya lacks modern research approach with outcomes that have disaster management plan to alleviate natural disasters.
Disasters are more likely when there are no preparedness and response strategies in place.
Resilience among communities is low.

Therefore, there is need to promote disaster awareness culture and capacity building for disaster preparedness and response at all levels.

Old stupid mofo kumbe wewe ni fossil

NTV did an expose on this same site pre covid.

Fossil kiaje. KCSE nilifanya November 1997, just a little over a quarter of a century ago. 27 years to be precise

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