At the end of the season who do you think will carry the day? This season big teams have really strengthened their squads. Well except for Arsenal top four predictions zije. Zangu ni Man United(well I am a fan:D:D),City, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Naturally I root for Man United but I think Chelsea will be a formidable opponent. They can easily take it.
Man City has an ageing or egoistic squad so they aren’t taking anything this season.
Arsenal will rise too to mid table level.:smiley:

Liverpool FC, no doubt

Chelsea only need Kante to get injured before the cracks appear.

That’s a wish. May or may not happen.
@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Njee must be excited.
So is madam @Finest wine

Why liverpool? Their forwards were lackluster last season, Their midfield is average to be honest ,good thing Van dijk is coming to strengthen their defense.

Their forward is wanting,Lukaku might have been on fire in Serie A last season but in the Epl he has been fumbling.

Jinga za manchieth loud mouthed fools have won nothing since 2017. Miaka nne na bado ma umbwa have the temerity to talk smack about about other clubs. Arsenal is even better.

Because you have won ,that makes you immune to critics?

Shindeni ata kama ni KPL chobo ua cup before openning your dirty mouths


We will definitely win .

umekosa kitu ya kupost?

Today is a horrible day for me. Chelsea takes on my homeboys Chrystal Palace with Vierra as their new manager. This is the team I should support …geographically.
Anayhoo this season is ours to waste. I don’t see any threat yet.