EPL Match day 16: lest we forget

As we wait for General Field Marshall @Meria Mata to post the #TBT thread, lets fill in our bets hapa papa:


Its been a tough week for Man Utd and a good one for Arsenal and Man City and any of the three teams have a chance of reclaiming the top spot from Leicester City, who will play on Monday Night with Chelsea.
As for the Ranking ya Kijiji, madume ni wale wale, lakini naona my friend @Okiya ako sako kwa bako, magoti kwa magoti, uso kwa uuso na @vuja de in the battle for the top spot with 119 points.
Mtu wa turedio amempita @mariachi na amemkaribia sana @Mathaais. :cool::cool::slight_smile: na
@klaus007 naona anatoklezea kwa top 10.

Ranking ni hii: http://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?xfsoccer/matches/premier-league-2015-2016.10/ranking&matchday=15

If Man Utd, Man City and Arsenal win, Leicester City will be Number 4!
Come On Chelsea! Do not disappoint us on Monday.

Nice weekend.

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Bournemouth is no walkover

No really. Walichapa Chelsea away last weekend.

Not even that, they held everton to a 3-3 draw

Kura zangu ziliibiwo last week

it would be nice if they ranked as weekly pia

I saw the first pink handler @Guru is number 56 :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: quite unfair to the pink handlers.
NB.and this is the only institution that the leader @admin is leading from the back (can you imagine he’s number 31, for crying out loud)

I guess this is not our dhing dear. Blue handlers, you have the floor!

My first prediction I managed 9 points na ikaniletea swara, sijawahi fikisha 6 in a match day. Last weekend I managed a paltry 4 points.

Predictions za EPL ni ngumu especially this month.

Hiyo ya chelsea na leicester will be tough,usitegeme chelsea.

Leicester v Chelsea nimeweka Chelsea win.

Hapo sioni Chelsea wakisail.

Hiyo inaweza enda draw ya kama 1-1 or 2-2. But, I wouldn’ t bet on such a match.