EPL African top scorers of all time

1.Didier drogba.
2. Mo sallar

Arab of @Bingwa Scrotum
jaluo bonobo wewe…
huyo sio oliech:D

Was born in Africa

A Russian being born in bondo by two russians is not kenyan:D

His country is an Arab league member state

Iko Africa msee

Remember 18/19 season the trio had to share a golden boot what a load crap of bull I would like to see them do that to kane,vardy and sterling

Even zoomalia is a member state and bonoboism is rife there.

Geographical location doesn’t determine belonging

Si waende uko Arabian, desert ghaseer

On which pedestal do you make such commands

The poverty one?
Disease stricken one?
HIV Aids one?
Corruption one?
Harlots one?
Big buttock women one?