Epidemic of house negroes in Kenya.

Kule Alchemist unapata kuna a local bonobo making a decent salary (over 200k) yet he has no self respect. Anatoka gari yake na anapanga laini kama fala so that he can party with his white and indian masters. I always knew @Azor Ahai was dumb but I never knew he was a bootlicker. The world over, it doesn’t matter the income, locals are never discriminated against. I dare anyone here to go to places like Somalia, South Sudan and other shithole to do the same. It won’t be long till you are closed down or shot. It’s not an income or revenue issue it’s a self respect issue. Hakuna tofauti yoyote kati ya wale wamepanga line nje ya Alchemist na akina Wafula huko industrial area who work for peanuts as they snitch on fellow Africans to muhindi. When will blacks free themselves from mental slavery?

Wakati wa covid these joints were encouraging locals to come to keep them from going under lakini foreigners wakirudi negroes warudi to the back of the line.

@cheekbusta = @Mzee mzima bottom faggot prostitute wa 150

Blacks are not enslaved mentally. They are economic dwarfs and that is the root of 99% of their problems. Blacks as a whole (sio mtu mmoja) are the poorest race on earth. Nobody respects, likes, or enjoys hanging out with poor people unless he is also poor. Forget all that political correctness bullshiett that you learned in geek school about people being equal.

Based on the color of your skin, any person on earth can safely conclude that you are broke, uneducated, and uncivilized and they will be right 9 out of 10 times. The skin color is just a unique identifier and if we didn’t have melanin they would simply use something else like the hair. I understand your bitterness because regardless of how hard you work, you can’t save the entire race from those realities and as such, you will experience harsh treatment despite your personal achievements - because 100 other negroes will be weighing you down.

If you don’t want blacks in your establishment it’s simple. Toka Kenya. Don’t set up a joint in a black majority country and say blacks are not allowed. It’s a matter of location and respect. You can’t say you want to do business here, you want to use public utilities but you don’t want to deal with locals.

Those guys will continue treating guys like you and I like crap, na hakuna kitu mtafanya. Hii ni kelele ya chura tuu. Chandarava is running like a well-oiled machine right now after you guys made noise mkachoka. They don’t care about the opinions of broke people - you are not their target market anyway.

Yes. I know it sucks because you are a negroe. Unafaa ujiulize mbona negroes wanarudi mahali when they are treated like crap.

Believe it or not, but I think if every black person boycotted Alchemist, even foreigners would stop going there because the authenticity would disappear. The owner doesn’t care because he has blacks in his back pocket anyway. He knows that they can’t help themselves when there are white people there - they must come.

Epidemic of House Negreos.

You can’t call someone a racist na kesho akifungua biz uko hapo kumpatia pesa yako.

Why is this though?

Social climbing middle-class wannabes ni wengi sana. The same way any mzungu will set up a tinder profile and match with 2000 bitchez in a day. Bitchez go there to hunt for expats. Broke guys go there because of the hot bitchez. Ni chain starting with the gold-digging biachez looking for foreigners huko.

Venye nilisema hapa Bootlickers among us ndo wanatuangusha. Stalinist purges are needed to get rid of them.

I’d want to fully blame them, but that is what years of learning and conditioning does. The hierarchy of racial power was established and is pushed on using what you see, what you hear and what you read. And it will go on for the foreseeable future.

Wee inakaa unataka kupigwa kende utulie,uko wapi nikuom

The audacity meen,worse is that locals help them in practising the racism

Asians are very rich in the West, lakini bado they are the most disliked group, especially when it comes to dating. I think race mixing is just an impossible task. You are talking of people with extremely different physical features and extremely different cultures, hapo hakuna vile mtaelewana on a population level. People from other races will always think you look and act funny, and yet those same looks and behaviours are adaptations to your continent of origin, hence very hard to change. Voluntary, peaceful segregation like what happens kule Parklands is an idea that should be accepted in society

True. Its all about “economic power”. Since it’s unlikely that blacks will escape poverty in the near future, racism will continue. Sad but true.