Enyewe bonobo hawezi saidika , when you have puppets instead of leaders

Can someone explain how some one looted traditional mask is supposed to make up for hundreds of millions of looted minerals and brutal persecution of the congo? ,
im starting to think Sub saharan countries are only countries on paper but kwa ground vitu ni different


Tshisekedi wants military aid from the Belgians because Kagame is whooping his ass, and in true African fashion, the rest of us are pretending we can’t hear the screams from the neighbour’s house. The rest of this reconciliation and repatriation crap is just a sideshow.

Maybe that whole country is a mess , but He should be seeking middle ground with Kagame then now that they are both part of the EAC ,

Does Kagame seem like the type to meet someone halfway? He is a warlord and a dictator. Either you give him what he wants or you die.

Wacha tukafunge now that DRC iko kwa EAC.

Nothing will ever make up for that genocide. And reality is we shouldn’t be waiting for anything. They can never afford to pay. It would be better if as Africa, or Congo, we approach them with a development plan which they will support and fund. But I am just a small fish, who am I to tell Africa to stop waiting for blank Cheque books to squander.

If we were serious, we could have formed a Bantu Federation of sorts that would help us negotiate as a block (kitu kama EU hivi). The Federation should include countries with Bantu majority of which hiyo ni hadi Seuzi Afrika. But sasa shida ni internal wrangles and lack of common purpose. Sigh. In other words, can we ban wazungu from Africa altogether until we figure out wtf is happening?

bonobo tunashangaza , unataka kusema you did not know neo-colonialism is alive huku Africa… mnaangusha kijiji sasa


Meanwhile another contingent of KDf forces is undergoing pre-deployment training at Kangaita camp before being deployed to Congo.[ATTACH=full]443653[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]443654[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]443655[/ATTACH]
On the ground already:

Kwani ni rangers pekee wanatumwa kupiga ADF?

QRF which is being deployed in Congo will consist of a multi- dimensional force but ranger’s ndoi wana land kwa ground first … kucheki vile kuko: (Assessing & Evaluating).

Rangers lead the way