Entrance to Petrol station

The other day I was about to enter a petrol station that was to my RIGHT on a two lane road. I was waiting to cross the road and drive in using the nearest turning (the second turning if you are coming from the opposite direction). The petrol station station has no IN/OUT signs. A police car was coming from the opposite direction and…the officer was staring at me as if to suggest that I was doing it wrong.

Basically my question is whether the entrance to a petrol station is always on the first turning on the left.


Yangu naendeanga na kibuyu. So cant help.

We don’t know where you were fuelling but there are many stations with dual entry/exits.
On many others it’s clearly marked Entry or Exit.

Haikosi ya nduthi

You are right. What did the polisi do?

Nothing. They drove past but after giving me that look

Wah, na vile Kerosene imepanda bei. Koroboi inatumia , same amount with a diesel engine.

a petrol station is a private property, I dont think entering and exiting can be policed by the traffic guys, as long as barabara iko na broken line you can exit the road to wherever you want to go - but logic dictates that you respect the entry/exit signs even on private property to avoid inconveniencing others.

Yes, and not just when exiting the road to a petrol station, but whenever taking a right turn on a 2 way road. Always take the 2nd exit/turn on your right.

Rule of thumb:
1st turn on your right=exit; 2nd turn on your right=entrance

There are some road junctions with 3 separate exit/entrance points (sijui zinaitwa aje), but the center point is for joining the main road so in this case the second turn to your right might not necessarily be an entry point.

We drive right hand cars,our highway code is based on giving priority to cars on your right.So,entrance to a petrol station /pit stop should be on the entrance thats furthest to you, this way you give priority to cars exiting on the most immediate entrance. You should take the innward lane of the furthest entrance and exit thru the same lane. The vehicles facing opposite direction should take the outward lane of their furthest entrance and exit the same.
Ukichora utaelewa

Noted. Thank you.