Entitled Kungurus

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ndio akukamue doo bila slices:D:D:D:D

My friend learn to work hard and earn your own money. That you have earned with your pussy is not yours but for the fuckboys

She has been cumming for Alphas and issued with 2 certificates to show for her hard work. Now she just want a beta provider. Kunguru .

@TrumanCapote changia hapa

She’s looking for frames …
for her certificates.
Doomed is he who comes within 10ft of her puthy.

But she already made it clear that she wants a white( probably old) American so this clearly shouldn’t bother us.


She can’t show up kwa hii thread.

Beta men beware.


True , yeye ni feminist

kunguru za white zinakuwanga wapi ?

What can I say? I’ve warned women severely about kuza na watu hawajakuoa. The moment you have even 1 child men look at you as a woman who can be taken advantage of easily. So they just want to come add you more kids since unajifanya wewe ndio unajua kuzalia na kulelea wanaume watoto free. You may be a good person who just made a mistake but nobody will see past the fact that you let a man or even worse men get you pregnant with no commitment on their side. Ukabeba ball 9 months went through labor and all that mess for somebody who had not married you. So what that says is that you are cheap. And that you basically don’t value yourself. Your resources, your time, your body, your uterus or even your kids bcz if you did atleast you could ensure that you get married b4 you got pg.

In any case even me there’s no way I am going to be married by someone with two kids unless they are grown ups. Raising other people’s children is a very thankless job. Plus disciplining such kids is hard bcz you are made to look like the evil step mother who is victimising kids bcz they’re not your own. It’s hard enough raising your own children nowadays. Life is hard enough as is, if all you are adding to my life is baggage, wacha tuu nikae. Relationships are supposed to improve my life not complicate it even further. This is why I flee baggage of any kind be it your kids, your dependent family or your own poverty. I have enough problems of my own that I don’t need to go out looking for more problems. I was not there when you were having kids or your parents were having kids so I don’t know why I am expected to raise your kids or your siblings or even build you. I am not a charity organization. I am not looking for projects to complete. Neither am I a rehabilitation center to sort out your past mistakes. Kila mtu abebe msalaba wake. Unless I will bring equal numbers of dependents, then no thanks, I can do bad all by myself. Mimi sio children’s home for children abandoned by their biological parents.

My advice to this madam is just stay single, forget about marriage, raise your kids, if you just can’t do without men, let her have sugar daddy away from the house to avoid kids being molested bcz many men chasing single mothers are actually pedophiles targeting the kids. When you become a mother looking for a husband is not the priority, your children are. And kids need alot especially when they only have one parent so I really don’t know which time you have a single mother to look for men from US or wereva. The time you spend looking for husband, being hit and run, rinse and repeat, is the time best invested in your kids.

Personally if I was a single mom, the last thing on my mind would be men. I would really clean up my life to set a good example for my kids and I would put all my energy into my children. Even if I met someone great, he would be a side note bcz I already have a family. It’s only that I don’t have a husband but I have a family so men are not as much of a priority to me as a woman who is eager for biological children. God would be my husband. Dating would not be a priority bcz I understand the psychology of men. To men a single mother is just an easy way to get casual sex and some men are very cruel they will insist on getting you pregnant again, then leave you, they will get your kids attached to them, then leave your kids heartbroken. Like it’s just a no win situation kuingilia maneno ya wanaume when you already have kids. It’s hard enough when you are single and child free but when you have kids they come first. Once you are heartbroken and disappointed that Negative energy will end up on your kids and if you get pg again you will have a hard time telling your kids to live a chaste life bcz children don’t learn what they are told but what they see you doing. If you are bringing different men at home now and again and you are getting pg for different men who left you, you can not tell them not to have sex outside marriage bcz you lack the moral authority.

Fact is you blundered but the beauty of life is that it’s never too late to redeem yourself. You can be the best mom if you focus fully on God and your kids. And just forget about men things bcz if men were so amazing then you would not be a single mother now would you? So learn from your mistakes bcz everyone makes mistakes. And forge ahead. Bcz Umalaya nayo haitakusaidia and fact is men see single mothers as pumps and dumps or hit and run material. Take back your dignity by avoiding men altogether. If God is willing when your kids are grown you may meet a widower or someone to be a companion but when your kids are still under your care, it’s not the best idea to be looking for a husband especially mzungu have too many pedophiles, they will molest your innocent kids. Once you are a mom, you are not the only one who suffers if things go awry. You have kids who are very impressionable and vulnerable. You must protect them. They already have it hard to grow up without a father. They do not need more heartache in the name of men coming in and out of your life.

I think you’re wrong, most lanyes are happily married.

Is lanyeism a thing in the mind?

I don’t know how happily married you can be if you are busy distributing your body to all and sundry.


Lol. Ati looking for a “white man in the USA.” Some kenyan ladies are ignorant. What she’s really asking for is a rich guy who can take all her problems away. Life ni khard for everyone, white or black…moreover I see plenty of white men in serious financial trouble so race can be deceiving. Being white doesn’t mean you have your ish together. If he does, he’s also looking for a woman to complement him. Someone who earns a good income not a desperate woman from the 3rd world! She could try Europe perhaps, coz most white American men don’t swing like that.

The mzungus I see like in Coastal towns do not like independent women, the poorer you are the better. If she’s determined she needs to migrate to the Coast during peak season, leave her kids with her mother and see a serious mchawi. Or lure one via net and be witch him once he lands here. That’s how it’s done. Not advertising how you are a single modas. Desperate situations desperate measures. Wazungu love these very very poor ladies but under the influence of charms.