Entitled kunguru with two kids wants to be treated as though the sun rises and sets on her diabz.

Just don’t ask questions, take care of her and her two brats otherwise you don’t know how to treat a girl.[ATTACH=full]310803[/ATTACH]

Not 30. With that big a fold of fat under her chin? Nyiet.

Huyu amekula salt sana, labda hao watoto wake i.e kama ni ma dem

Hehe cuka blyat yeye

Chinja kuku na vifaranga

The wall is mighty and supreme

Huyu ako kule gulf aki fanya kazi…

Hawa madem huset standards kwa social media mostly are of the lowest of quality. Kwanza wale humention God/Christianity kwa profile zao ndio hukuwa the loosest women and generally promiscuous.

… setting standards but only bringing pudesh to the table, totally unrealistic humans

As much they choose to live in fantasy world during their younger years, they can’t escape the wall. It approaches faster tena sana

I can do anything but not tell her she is beautiful.Anyone who feeds her should feed her healthy food.

ha ha … sounds like some Kenyan Bitches…
entitlement huwa imetoka hapa inafika Cairo…

Mtu anakuletea mashida tupu na standards fake…

hawes kosa beta

I’m sure she’s blaming partriachy for her big weight

Some men are just pathetic, they’ll never learn

A man should only tolerate standards from her if she’s well-behaved, she’s loyal, provides for herself - you only need to chip in once in a while out of your own will. Otherwise, cut communication there and then.

Mashakula ya Beta male. Mimi alpha nikishika hii nachezea akili, namnyandua nyuma na mbele, nanamnyandulia kabinti kama ako naye then namtoka anabaki akiwa suicidal. She will add no value to a man. It’s wise if someone finishes her before she destroys another man’s life.

Hii ni matambara tu… Wasted the best years of her life. Sasa anataka kuseto(kusettle) … The Tragedy here is you won’t miss some idiot who’ll take the bait… A 3rd child and she’s on the streets again shooting another video of how life starts a thate seven with 3 brats to tow… Ah…

I noticed that in all the verbiage she does not say what she will do or is good at.

Captain save a hoe/Beta male will rescue her