Entitled feminist ako na swali


No free lunch, the men reciprocate…ideas, deals, connections, stories, jokes, rounds, advice etc

Because we are fellow men and you are women

Men and women have different value propositions to a man in a club.

If I buy a man a drink, I need information and the drink is to keep the man talking. It isn’t free.

If I buy a woman a drink, I am interested in one thing and one thing only, her P. That’s her only value proposition to me in a club.

Those are the unwritten rules of the club.

Women don’t buy drinks for other women in clubs. Why? Because women can’t see any value proposition from another woman. This reinforces my point that the value proposition of a woman in a club is only what’s between her legs. If they had any other value, then fellow women would buy drinks for them but they don’t.

Because men realized the only bargaining chip you got is pússy…what’s so complicated about that?

But sir you’re bought Pilsner all the time in the club. Are you trying to call your diab information?

:smiley: s/he is a whore

Coz these entitled leeches want free drinks and they will never reciprocate. A man will make an effort to…

I knew this was going to crop up:D:D


Malisa hio thegere ya pilsners:D

Okay i agree with you partially…what about women who would buy you a drink?

Generally, that’s uncommon. If it does happen though, it should be viewed with maximum suspicion. Better safe than sorry.

We categorize them with unicorns, Vlad of Transylvania, Hogwarts… heart warming myths

Women do buy other women drinks frequently

When a man buys a fellow man a drink he knows it will also come a time he’ll also be in shit and will need the help of his friend. Help could come in very many ways including even just information.

About women, when a man has a problem, he won’t run to a woman for help, will he?

Given that a woman can’t help a man the only thing left for a man to ask from a woman is the thing between her legs if he buys her a drink

A man pays the next round but for a woman ,the man will have to buy rounds the whole night.

Na yeye aulizwe why can’t all women give pussy free of charge without inevitably calling later on asking for favours?