Justice League 2017 1080p KORSUB-JesusLovesYew
search for that if you looking for the movie shida ni hard coded subs but if you already watched it and just wanna watch it again for such dope clips


damn you clearly see jose whedon shots and zack snyder shots[ATTACH]146718[/ATTACH]why they made it switch to some marvel like stupidty…I expected shit to get real…those are 3 super human-like heroes[ATTACH=full]146720[/ATTACH]
its some pc bullshit i swear its killing DC movies
Making em start playing close quarters bullshit…
Love By KL


Boy hasn’t dropped visual for Duckworth…fear…xxx…and my personal fave FEEL


Edi gathegi on it…we got lupita on the other one shit dig the 254 love [ATTACH=full]146726[/ATTACH]


IT also dropped in Blu ray(MY PIC for the weekend)
don say you ain got shit for the weekend
[SIZE=1]psst @grandpa unacheki kenye nakushow wanapenda kufuck shit ya zack snyder[/SIZE]
[SPOILER=“Zack snyders cuts”]



where can i watch movies online on my laptop? sitoki leo…wacha wenye wanakunywa wakunywe.

Do you torrent…cuz Justice league was dropped like 10 hours ago…so I really don expect this copy to up on the streaming sites yet ama ita lag in most places…kuna place in reddit that also has megalinks but can rem and checked my bookmark sina… @Deorro huwa ako hio mta anaweza kusaidia…just make sure its the above release for the quality in the youtube video

can only do web release min. Korean subs niliwachia @junkie

Eye cleanser ya Nordic niaje?


That file size bro…you sure it won’t affect quality[ATTACH=full]146737[/ATTACH] just make sure its todays release fam.Or you gone be watching last months drop thats i why i gave the scene release name…am sure by now copies been made…keep on the look out they are leagues apart in quality

mkvcage bitch

Yo could have just said its like the recent 300mbfilms drop…
.the all are copped from the one i mentioned …just checked on reddit…so you good…
and toky ghoul is also out btw

justice league had too much CG and the villain was generic and forgettable basically avengers ripoff… thats why it sucked

Blacked out 15 mins into the movie

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D cc @TerribleWaste

No comment.

I disagree. The CG is not the problem. They missed a chance at universe building. The stakes did not feel high enough. They kept showing this one Russian family that needed rescuing… just one. Felt like it was added after the movie. Superman lifting the building also felt like an extra scene.

Batman/Aquaman meeting dialogue felt cut off. Rushed first 30 mins… the poor story needed more time.

It does not feel like an Avengers rip off. Unless you are a fan of explosions or DC characters… you might not like this movie that much.

So much for no comment. I hope won’t have to say anything more about this movie.

Did you check the vid i put in the spoilers…the cuts man…fuck joss he gon turn dc into the marvel goof ball…you could even feel it in the tone.Superman went from jesus like emo to …mister snips…he told to many jokes…I was like wtf!! But atleast the final boss ain no cloud monster *cough marvel and its bs for cloud monsters…remember leaving the theatres and was like
we went from edge lords to happy valley in just two movies…

Oh, the jokes. The cheesy jokes. You can definitely feel Joss in there – fellas in grave danger and have time to crack jokes FOH. I don’t know why they chose Steppenwolf though? And the Batman 360 attitude change towards Superman…? IMO these guys should forget about DCEU and just make R rated standalone movies that may or may not share a universe.

But the opening WW sequence, blocking bullets and stuff and the amazons playing rugby with the motherbox… epically awesome.

Forgot to mention. The Flash gets a LEGO movie.