Enter the dark side

That’s not dark enough, unless you kidnapped her.

I am aware we all crazy to some extent but you are playing at the super ball level.

Making that sweet, cute, innocent looking face gag on my cock is dark enough for me, whether she does it willingly or otherwise.

She is pretty as fuck.


Ako kitu 23yrs old io fair game.

Mbwa wewe, not only is she pretty, she’s also an engineering student at UoN. So she is over 18.
But I’ve fucked a few 16 and 17 year olds, now that you mention it.

You are everything wrong with humanity, a seed of judas and a whore

Mpatane wapi kwa io bedshitter yako imejaa vumbi mbwa hii? :D:D Nyonga Abdala polepole na fantansies za UPUS. Leta zile salamu zako za kawaida




Najua unaskia wivu juu sijataja mamako…compared to Maxine mamako ni githeri ya juzi, ongezea green emojis.


fuck shit I think hapa we have clazy motherf**cks I thought dark web has only clazy peodophiles kumbe am shit wrong

I won’t mind dry flying this

Stop trying so hard to justify ur homosexuality… Keep it to itself…of all the ‘sins’ u have mentioned, nothing comes close…

Kwa sababu kesho ni weekend.Nataka monday unione pamoja na mwalimu wako wa kiingereza wa primary.

Waahhhh I have sinned but sio kama hizi zako.Mine are child play compared to yours.Wacha nikae nazo tu

Wasn’t justifying anything