Enter the dark side

Let’s confess, what are some horrible things you’ve done/ thought of doing that you’re ashamed about?

Here are mine:

  1. Shagged a maid, tried shagging another but she refused (she was underage).
  2. Got a maid pregnant, made her abort.
  3. Considered kidnapping a lecturer who constantly failed me, sexually assaulting her ,torturing her with ants in her private parts, lashing her with a whip, then cutting her limbs slowly and dumping her in a river.
  4. Got paid for sex by an older gentleman who I couldn’t stand, and considered exposing him to his wife.
  5. Stole money from my brother who was struggling financially at the time and working overtime.
  6. Thought of sex with my sister, and masturbated to the thought.
  7. Hoped that my rich, spoilt cousins would perish in a car accident.
  8. An old schoolmate died. I was jealous of his success and found him irritating. I felt kind of glad he had died but publicly I expressed deep grief.
  9. Exposed some innocent soul online yet remained double faced and pretended I was their friend & that I was shocked by the whole thing.
  10. In campus, thought of doing a shooting Columbine style the same way crazy American students do. But I couldn’t get a gun
  11. Considered strangling a prostitute who talked to me rudely, the only thing that stopped me was fear of being tracked & caught.
  12. Considered pushing an annoying co-worker off the ledge of the building and making it look like a suicide, but got scared of being caught.
  13. I’m always pretending to like my sister-in-law and her baby. But deep down I feel she’s a social climber, her child looks cute for a monkey and my brother could have done better.

Waah I’m glad I never met you, always sensed something was wrong with you.

Dude you have issues. Like major issues.

have you considered seeing a psychiatrist or checking yourself in at the nearest mental hospital?

I never liked you either

So you have no dark side? You’re not being sincere.

And I thought I had some bad Issues…!!!

Here is where I stopped


I understand why you needed it, now I know haingekusaidia.

Only tolerable faggot is a dead faggot.

Does that mean what I think it means…???

waa serial killer detected in advance

Mnyajifanya hapa holy na tunajua mumefanya/kufikiria madhambi mingi.

Not really. Just a good politician detected in advance.


Holycrap!!! You have mental issues check yourself into mental institution before its too late.

:eek::eek: no.4

You probably haven’t examined yourself honestly. Humans are by nature not the sweet, kind creatures they paint themselves to be.

I’ve considered tracking down Maxine Wabosha, so I can make her gag on my cock. I watch her videos religiously, without skipping a second. I don’t know jack about make up, but I can give her really good facials, that’s for sure.