Enter Harun Mwau vs IEBC

NAIROBI, KENYA: Former Kilome MP Harun Mwau has moved to court to stop October 26 repeat presidential election.

The ex-legislature argues that fresh election as ordered by Supreme Court meant that it must start afresh from party nominations. The nominated candidates thereby need to be gazetted to follow law and the constitution.

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Mwau in his petition says if IEBC proceeded to conduct the elections without the fresh party nomination it will be easier for someone to challenge the exercise as illegal and unconstitutional.

Kenya is now becoming a circus. We want our normal lives back.


U can’t have nominations, fresh elections, in 60days.

I will also go to court tomorrow and file a petition that the common man is confused and is not in a position to vote wisely


He is now a hero for some, but he seems to have forgotten that he is not off the hook elsewhere

Szubin also disclosed that several U.S. government agencies, which have been monitoring Mwau for years, had built substantial evidence against him, thanks to information obtained through intelligence files, law enforcement agencies and the nation’s Drug Enforcement Agency. The evidence, he said, proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Mwau is heavily involved in drug trafficking. http://www.forbes.com/sites/mfonobongnsehe/2011/06/29/obama-targeted-kenyan-drug-lord-over-80-million-cocaine

never a dull moment .

Police now raid the home of businessman Jimmy Wanjigi in Muthaiga area of Nairobi County.

The guy is stocking guns

Nasa erecting roadblocks that won’t amount to anything.
Any ruling announcing the election be postponed will be trashing Justice Mativo’s ruling.
No independent judge would rule that way. Plus there won’t be time to appeal.

He’s pre-empting the NASA brigade. IF the courts rule IEBC should go along, NASA won’t have anywhere to run to.

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That’s the point. They don’t want an election.
Even if by some miracle it is pushed to January, Raila will find new roadblocks to ensure it doesn’t happen.

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Uyu pharmacist ni kama amekosa soko ya unga yake

Being Kabogo’s father in-law i now understand why kabogo wanted Uhuru and Raila to sit down and ‘talk’ .Meffi sana!!!

naona Twitter ati his muthaiga home has been sorrounded



stop peddling nonsense! he is not kabogos father in law; not that it matters anyway.

Do your investigation mister.!

The judges wameona bado numbers ndio kuongea, they want to redeem themselves

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