Entanglement Manenos

Wahenga walisema if you want to sleep with a man who will keep it secret tafuta bubu kipofu.

From my inbox.

Kindly hide my id for now am really stressed i need advice, a shoulder to cry on and counselling. Am so broken.
I have been in a rshp for 7yrs now. In between there was a time we didnt get along and we took a break from each other in 2018. Although it wasnt really that much of a break coz we could talk and i rem at some point i even visited and we cls get intimate
During that time i met someone else and got into a rshp of which i realised i loved my hubby so much so i broke it off after a while and went sat down and we talked and decided to start over. Thing is i never mentioned this guy and he just found out through photos and screenshots of conversations he has been sent yesterday by this guy who is effortlessly trying to sabotage by saying that those are current pics and conversations and i have no way of proving it wrong. And why wld someone even do this to another?
He is so mad he wants me out of his life. Deep down i know that i came back committed and i left the past behind but he dsnt believe that. I love him so much that i barely even rem any memories of that guy in 2018.We now have a son (5months)together and he even sure it isnt his coz of wat he is being fed. Am totally ready and willing to do a dna test just to prove it but he is so hurt he wldnt hear any of it.
During the break he also had some flings and one night stands but i let that fly bcz i knew i wasnt there.
Pls tell me are there such situations out there and people ever make up or rekindle their love. Are they forgiven or once its that its done? I really want to build my home but ive never seen him so broken i dont know if ill ever get him back.

That man is very evil. When entangling don’t take pics and send WhatsApp Messages mingi.

@TrumanCapote do you remember when we were in Karen ,and I lived in your SQ as tenant,entangling as you were doing your PhD. Those days you called yourself Makena. I have never told Rich husband.

Usiseme all men. As a side note I wouldn’t mind rematch to celebrate you finishing your PhD.

@TrumanCapote have you highlighted the case where a man could not sire and wife got kids with his friend. Recently they disagreed. Husband tokk one Kid. Wife took one Kid. Wife then demanded the other kid and said the husband sired none of them. DNA was done on court direction. True to Mrs the man had no kid with her. She is still demanding child support. Sijui itaenda aje.

Beach Daddy or is it beach ancestor. You’re killing me with this side hen stories.

That’s why people say for better or for worse. Best revenge ever. A man wants to hurt you by taking your kids away from you, as is becoming the norm, just demand DNA case closed.